no more preaching to be done

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  • DaCheech

    well sort of:

    today, i heard my token sunday talk.

    the brother somehow brought up the following:

    "many are speculating that there are many changes coming soon...... including the end of preaching work......

    well, just because the faithful and discreet slave has ended the weekly study weeting........... this does not mean that all other things will cease

    stop, stop, stop. it would not be bla bla bla bla"

    I just phased out and shook my head

    anyway, I think more people than we think are frequenting apostate sites

  • asilentone

    . It does not surprise me that the brother blah, blah, blah about his speculations.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My sister and her husband, who do not speak to me for years at a time. They told me the reason for the book study change is because of gas prices. My brother in law did want to know how I knew about the change. I told him it's been all over the internet for a couple of months.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Maybe the reason they are cowering back now is because their wallets are indeed full and Jehovah has provided them well..

    Maybe too the inter-net is exposing their bullshit to a certain extent also, another reason for cowering backwards

    Do you think this big Publishing House is about to eventually close its doors and then start slicing up the pie.

  • DaCheech

    we should not speculate any changes, because there will not be ANY changes.

    side commentary: but when there are changes, make sure you do them after they are announced!

  • heathen

    Looks like noah is packing up and leaving town .Better hurry back before God locks you out .

  • chickpea

    hasnt it been touted on the boards that there is, in actuality, very little preaching being done..... that reported "service" hours are fictious to a large degree and that actual hours are spent in the "stroll" and at coffee shops? isn't it close enough to truth that there already is a steady decline in the "harvest work"?

    maybe there will never be an official declaration by the GB, but there is a definite trend in the R&F that speaks volumes.....

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Being that the inner workings of the JWS is a business, essentially a large Publishing House and that there might be possibly more law suits levied

    against them for hiding pedophiles, would it not make sense then to disband the Corporation, take the money and try to restart in a different corporate

    name ?

    Just like in Rutherford days lawyers are the ones that are really running and instructing the GB on legal matters in its day today operations.

    I wouldn't put it past these scumbags to try and pull that idea off.

    Possibly the Borg is leaning to that direction.

  • watson

    I was thinking about this today as the Pubic Speaker was telling us how that higher education wasn't necessary..etc. What if they stopped requiring that time be turned in at the end of the month. Honestly, I'm sure there would be an "increase" in the actual door to door ministry. (End is closer, we better get it in gear vibe) Reminds me of when we stopped "charging" for literature at the door. We all donated more, the coffers were filled, for some time.

    Yea, Nea?


  • journey-on

    It sounds reasonable to me to think that they may cut out the door-to-door work. (They can find other

    supplemental ways to make up the $$, which I don't thing are earning that much anyway in the field ministry.)

    Here's why:

    Think about it. The WTS may be able to scare their flock into not checking out the internet or

    googling "Jehovah's Witnesses", or visiting sites like JWD, Silentlambs, Freeminds, SixScreens,

    but if you are a return visit and a witness suggests a study, you are going to check them out first on the

    Internet. You are not going to be bound by some directive from the society. Wow....Look at all

    the things you are going to find out! Then when the witness makes his/her second or third return visit,

    you are going to have all this information off the net to discuss with them. The JW in this situation has

    to listen and discuss this information. Merely stating it's all lies from the devil or evil apostates is not

    going to go over with an "interested" householder. Not a good thing for the WTBTS if they want to keep this stuff

    hidden from the flock. prediction is the door-to-door ministry will be history soon and they will use

    some scripture about the ark closing or the sheep and goats have been separated or something else that will

    end it on a nice scriptural note.

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