For mothers who have lost a child - 2008

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    Thank you for this LL. I lost Sam(I am) two and a half years ago. I think about him and miss him every day. ((((((((HUGS))))))) to all who have lost children and mothers as well.

  • bigmouth

    Thank you chickpea and to you too for the loss of Paul :)

  • fifi40
  • mouthy

    With tears in my eyes Lee Thanks !!!!!You know My> Faith>, Alan,> Melanie have all died, Annmarie is lost to me because of the WT ....I find this a very hard day.... I received my Mothers day greeting from this board. The poem was one Melanie taped into the front of my bible before she died.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My heart and thoughts go out to all of you who have posted - just a handful of you. But so many others have read along. I hope that each of you who reads and knows this sense of loss finds some comfort on this day.


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