If the FDS was appointed in 33 C.E., then why did Jesus inspect in 1918?

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  • Honesty
    Does this mean you don't belive that the seven trumpets of Revelation were the seven Jehovah's Witness District assemblies from 1922 to 1928, starting with Cedar Point, Ohio and ending with Detroit, Michigan?

    It's required that all Jehovah's Witnesses believe the trumpet story but it's not required of them that they be able to explain how it could actually be a fact. Hmmmmm, wonder why . . .

    I was sippin' the sauce pretty heavy (became a teetotaler in 2004) when we studied that BS in the Book Study.

    I was half lit on vodka and coke and it still sounded like somebody was messin' wid my head.

    Now I know they were.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    I will keep you posted if I can get the guts.........................oompa

    C'mon oomps.. I saw you were willing to give up one of yer testicles to get yer family out... that's guts... See you in NYC!

  • garybuss

    Peter Gregerson once said on a television program in Vancouver, B.C. that being raised a Jehovah's Witness was like being raised in an insane asylum with retarded parents. (Jim Penton May 14, 1996)

    I think it's hilarious that grown men and women put on suits, ties, dresses, and pantyhose, drive across town and go sit in somebody's basement, watch the family dog lick his balls for an hour, and seriously discuss the seven trumpets of Revelation and the Society's ridiculous claim that Rutherford's convention rants were prophesied in the Bible. That's just over the top in my book.

    God owns a United States book printing business, Jesus liked Rutherford's cross and crown, and now if this one pony rodeo isn't bad enough, we're getting letters cancelling meetings from the Governing Body! These guys could screw up a one car funeral.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2
    So, if succeeding generations of the FDS fed each other from 33 C.E. down through the centuries, why did Jesus need to inspect all the other religions? Wouldn't he just inspect the slave that he appointed back in 33 C.E., rather than all these counterfeit, wanna-be faithful and discreet slaves? That seems more in line with the account in Matthew.

    Hmmm..not really. The JW's version of Matt 24:45-47 is contradictory and flawed of course, but if you read the passage more carefully you will see there are clearly two appointments. There was an initial appointment to begin feeding the domestics (evidently began in 33CE) and another later appointment "over all his belongings" in verse 47. The second one is more of a reward for the faithful servants for having completed their assigned task of feeding properly (compare with the illustrations of the talents, etc), which occurs with the master's "arriving" in verse 46. The problem is the WTS says the master "arrive"d in 1919 and the second appointment "over all his belongings" thus occured then, in favour of the Watchtower Society. Clearly that is a self-serving false teaching. Jesus has not yet arrived to reward anyone. Rather, the "appointment" over "all his belongings" is probably not fulfilled until the marriage of the lamb occurs, when all spirit-begotten Christians have been resurrected to immortal heavenly life.

  • AuldSoul


    If you read carefully-er, you will find that there was no appointment whatsoever. There was a prediction of one possible appointment and two identifications, neither of which were of necessity to occur, but either of which could occur. Each identification was predicated upon a certain set of conditions. Neither of these sets must be met. Therefore, the resulting appointment from one of the identifications is also not required as a fulfillment . . . this wasn't a prophecy, it was counsel.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Auldsoul, thanks but I absolutely disagree. That's a desperate argument. Since when did Jesus say anything that he thought might never happen.

  • Borgia

    Yadda Yadda 2,

    Hostia! that's a desperate argument. Almost as good as the one found about Noah in the 06-01 WT.



  • AuldSoul


    I didn't say he thought it might never happen. He obviously thought it might happen, he just didn't prophesy that it would happen. You framed your post as though this was a prophecy that had to be fulfilled, and that isn't how we communicate about things that only might happen. Not in English, anyway.

    Jesus did not speak of two appointments, as you claimed, he spoke of one appointment that might happen, but only if a certain set of conditions was met and a certain judicious identification could be made. He also spoke of another eventuality that might happen, but only if a different set of conditions was met. Do you disagree with that? If so, why?

  • stillajwexelder

    great questions

  • watson

    I always wondered how a few hundred people meeting at an amusement park could cause "blasts" that were affecting the entire world........ I was glad I did not have to explain it to anyone.....would have sounded ludicrous.

    I think it was those deep fried buritos, and Shasta Colas.....

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