Our CO gave a talk to kids. Stay OUT of school!

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    This is a perfect recipe for value destruction. In a perfect world, people could integrate and be done with school by the time they get out of high school, and then learn to create new value. Of course, we all know that world doesn't exist. Short of that, people are going to have to take classes to get better jobs. College is a practical necessity, and especially when it's paid for with scholarships and grants. Urging people to drop out of college, especially when it's already paid for, is a sure recipe to get people to lead stagnant lives and end up not being able to afford the gas to continue out in field circus.

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  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    It was just this type of 'lame' CO talk that helped propel our family out of this braindead CULT! The more talks of this calibre that are given, the more lightbulbs will go off, hopefully, in any thinking attendee, young or old...

    freydi: Don't go giving them any ideas! (Hilariously funny, by the way!)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well I'm glad the Dr that operated on me continued his higher education.

    And what's this generalization that seeking education means love of money. How many Doctors out there work in clinics or participate in causes such as Doctor's without borders.

    There are many other professionals such as teachers who take lower paying jobs to help out those in poor areas.

    This whole idea that no one outside their organization is capable of doing any kind act is getting really stale. Especially since more and more JW's are going to end up on public assistance if they keep stifling education

  • LovesDubs

    I remember very specifically thinking when I was a JW and my kids were young in the early 90s when they said we shouldnt go to college "Oh GOOD! Now I wont have to even BOTHER to save for my kids education because THEY WONT NEED IT!! Yayyyy!!" and it was pure laziness on my part and had nothing to do with Jehooover. I was just going to blame them not having money for college on my religious beliefs. What a LOSER!!

    The Society is shooting themselves squarely in the foot with this dictate. The DUMBING DOWN of the sheep keeps them POOR and keeps them unable to CONTRIBUTE to the WWW and to even supporting their own kingdoom halls or being able to afford the gas to GET TO the kingdoom halls...and so what have they accomplished? MORE people will stop going to meetings and then more people will stop getting their daily brainwashing and more people will leave. Its not rocket science.

    So I say to the idiots in charge of this Borganization..."Keep up the good work dipwits!"

  • Seeker4

    I have a very intelligent granddaughter who's parents - my daughter and s-i-l – are still JWs. I was talking with my son in law the other day, and I told him to make sure not to fall for the "no college" line. My granddaughter is bright and talented and deserves to be able to use her gifts.

    He said, "Yeah, they really seem to be on the whole anti-higher education kick again." So the JWs notice it. He also told me not to worry, they won't pay any attention to that.

    I really wish some of the friends would have the gumption to call these COs on this talk. I'd love to rip one of them a new one on this.

    I also agree that this is one area where the WTS does itself no good. There are a LOT of the friends who see this as total bullshit. If you've got a brain, a religion that complains that the more education you have the more likely you are to leave it, well what is that really saying?! Isn't there a thread where someone quoted a brother as saying, "we're losing all the smart people!"


  • justhuman

    Same old crap, same old staff. I wish I didn't listen to them 24 years ago and study. I hate the bloody bastards in Brooklyn

  • NewYork44M

    This is good stuff. He has drawn a line in the sand defining what is christian (jw) and what is not. Hopefully, most will walk over that line and go to school. Once they have crossed the line it will be much easier to get the completely out of that cult.

  • VM44

    Does anyone have a copy of the Watchtower "Anti-College" outline that has obviously been distributed to the COs?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I am so pissed off that I was not steered toward college immediately after high school. I did what was expected of me: got married and started a family at age 18. We've been a single parent family on welfare and foodstamps ever since.

    I'M SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just took my final final this morning at 8am. I'm done with college and will start grad school in the fall at age 40. A couple of my friends are laughing at me because I'm so late in getting it done, but I have to do this!

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