JW's-mearly shells of human beings-Won't attend High School Graduation

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  • VM44

    "...what shells of human beings witnesses are.

    "Shells" that are stuffed full of Watchtower and Awake magazines!

  • Switch

    Chickennest, I realized how selfish the JW's were early on in my life and it still bugs me to this day. They don't seem to recognize anything as special or wish to acknowledge any accomplishments. If any of your relatives considered for a moment of coming to your daughter's graduation, then it was quickly stifled with the fear of stumbling someone else in the congregation. Your daugter deserves a huge WELL DONE!

  • chickpea

    i have seen the new light.... and what it has shown is that the b0rg is a misguided collective and it embarrasses me to admit at one time i was in lockstep with their "teachings"

    it is thrilling for your granddaughter to be on the threshold of her future, not unaware of the brink of major upheavals to come in the world order, but certainly not relying on a divine intervention to pull us back from the brink..... maybe hers will be one of the minds that sees a better way to be human.... we need more, many more like that.....

    congrats to her on her accomplishments

  • momzcrazy

    Well, another example of how one's life can go downhill after you leave "Jehovah" ! Not!

    Good for your daughter! My niece is graduating on the 17th, with a full ride scholarship.

    Is your daughter able to understand why they are acting this way? I wonder if she will invite them to any possible furture wedding?


  • Gayle

    Congratulations to your daughter!! It's so wonderful to see xJWs' children going on to have their free mind and able to go on with their education and not getting stifled by the WTS. It's sad that she doesn't get that appreciation and respect from her JW relatives but she and you, her parents, have outgrown them. Some may even harbor a jealousy that she is going on with her life and getting a further education. I, too, have experienced the same thing, but I am proud (yes proud!) that my children have grown (4 of 5 have completed college, one still to complete next year) and have their freedom of thought, never were baptized in JW, and free of the negative baggage of their JW relatives.

  • WTWizard

    These humanoids only recognize as achievements things like pioneering, getting baptized, that first day out in field circus, going to Beth Hell, becoming a hounder or assistant hounder, joining one of the many "schools(??)" designed to enhance their value destruction, and the like. Worldly things like a promotion, graduation, and major accomplishments that are going to create vaule are not acknowledged.

  • snowbird

    Congratulations to you, parents, and your daughter on your accomplishments.

    In the past, I would have acted in a similar manner as your relatives.

    Sad and sickening, isn't it?


  • LovesDubs

    My eldest graduated last May. He was never baptized a JW mind you...and I made sure not to make ANY distinction between JWs and non and EXJWs when sending out invites to his graduation party. However, because my mother in law who is DAd was flying down to FL to attend her grandsons graduation party, her DAUGHTER who lives only 28 miles away said she would not go because her MOTHER was going to be there. My mother in laws HUSBAND is an elder and told the daughter to do this! And ...in fact the daughter made a point of taking her entire family 3 hours away so that the mother would not come down to her HOUSE. She made that much of an effort to shun her mother when this celebration was about my SON! WTF???

    The irony of it all was that the elder and his wife who were my best friends and whom I named my kids after and who ADORE my children, flew down from Illinois as well and had NO PROBLEM being at this party for my son. Not only were they warm and gracious to my kids, they were friendly and coureous to me and to my mother in law during their three day stay. We even sat in my living room and watched home movies together they were in with my children and laughed and cried and had a wonderful time.

    Obviously there is a CHOICE that can be made and sometimes its just choosing to be SELFISH and SELF RIGHTEOUS over being a human being.

    Congratulations to your baby girl!! Kudos honey!! Rock on!

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