Please I need your help! evil site

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  • M.J.

    I like the new site.

    Maybe it would be good to have links appear under each category with a mouse-over. But clicking on a category will actually take you to another page. That way you're covered if the mouse-over thing doesn't work on some browsers.

    One other thing I found--the search function doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm a regular visitor and usually use the search function to find stuff I've seen before.

  • Dogpatch

    thanks MJ i'll take a look!


  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Haven't time to look properly and got to leave for the weekend so comment is ultra brief. :) Initial impression: nice and bright, but visually confusing, don't know where to look. Needs more structure/simplicity/focus. All the best, and cya next week guys!

  • Hope4Others

    I like it that the page looks more balanced now with the beach in the middle, and clicking on it the surfboard is aup!


  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    Hi Randy,

    Did you know John and Barb Bechtel when you were in Bethel?

    TooBad TooSad

  • Dogpatch

    excellent Hope, eyes and Toobad!


    I like your new site just fine, Randy. Don't be so critical with yourself --- hard to stop the behaviour after being a dub, I suppose. The website is packed with great stuff, and I'm sure you can keep adding more new stuff any time. It's important to have sites like this up and running.



  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Hi Randy,

    I really like your site. Visually it's much easier on the eyes than the original.

    I'm not technical. I'm looking at it esthetically. On the first page I would have everything in line on the right. I'm wondering if it would look better if the photos on the bottom were also lined up with the rest so you have one clean line. I just noticed that the line under the photo is broken.

    I also have a suggestion on the page featuring Crisis of Conscience I felt it was easier for me to show you visually then explain verbally. Wouldn't it look better if the picture and title were together? Because the picture was of such poor quality I felt it was better to reduce the size. You may feel that the top sentence needs to be separate from the title and placed elsewhere. Hope you don't mind me offering these. It's just a suggestion and I certainly wouldn't be upset if you totally disregarded it. I wouldn't touch the rest. It looks very professional.

    Freeminds.jpg picture by GuestwithQuestions

    Freeminds-1.jpg picture by GuestwithQuestions

  • Fisherman

    I agree, the designer did a great job. I was use to your old design however and thought that it worked excellent. I did not think that you needed any change in appearance for the site. I am having a problem adjusting to the new design.

  • MissingLink

    The new navigation is a million times better (no exageration). The old site was practically unusable by me (and I'm a web developer).

    Less is definitly more on the styling. The links are much better. My only suggestion would be a "sitemap" link right at the bottom in the copyright area. This would bring up a tree structure list of pages on the site. (alternate navigation)

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