Please I need your help! evil site

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  • Dogpatch

    thanks Hope, gives me an idea. :-))

    hi peppermint, I'm not sure why on the 2 greens, but that's they way he designed it. :-))

  • Seeker4


    I like the look of the new page, but agree with Minimus - I'd like to see more indications of the awesome content you've got on that site.

    I also have to say that Freeminds was very important to me when I was leaving the Witnesses. Thanks for creating it.

    Also, super glad you have a link to that National Geographic documentary on Inside a Cult. That was fantastic!


  • SnakesInTheTower


    I like the overall cleaner look of the site. IMO the other layout was very cluttered. On the other hand, I agree with others that say having so many links on the front page is very handy.

    Most of my suggestions would not be very compatible with mobile devices...and that is the balance that you are trying to strike.

    I dont know if it is technically feasible (or easy in a relative sense) it possible to have a scroll bar menu under each of the subject headings (Watchtower News, Net Soup, Hot Topics)?...this might be great for a regular page...I dont know how (or if) scroll bars work on portable devices....I have web disabled on my cell phone. I think you have struck the right note, putting that long list of topics on a sub page, it keeps the front page clean. I also like that the font on the topics is bigger on the second page and a heck of a lot less cluttered...

    since that archive is so long...I wonder how much work it would be to categorize the topics on the archive subpage.... by subject or title...or use tabs on the the very least sort by alpha or date....

    just a might be nice to put the "last updated" at the bottom of the front page with a (c) or something.... lets new users esp know this is a site that is constantly update.

    It was a link from FreeMinds that brought me to JWD a long time THANK YOU ......

    Snakes ()

  • Dogpatch

    thank you Snakes, have a great one!

    Yes, I wonder if any java tree pop-ups or something might work...

    anyone know?


  • thecarpenter

    hey randy, maybe a tabbed edit bar on top which take you to other parts of your site would help. Another option would be to put it on the left side going downward. I like the colors, they seem friendlier than the black colors you used before (never liked those colors, way too dissonant) thecarpenter

  • undercover
    I like the look of the new page, but agree with Minimus - I'd like to see more indications of the awesome content you've got on that site.

    Ditto for me as well.

  • Dogpatch

    cool so far...

    i'm wondering if putting a animated java tree will stump some browsers...

  • brinjen

    I've got access to a few web browsers on both Windows and Mac. I can test the site if you like.

    As for a quote, I've always liked.. "The biggest barrier to finding the truth, is believing you already have it".

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Looks very nice. Perhaps a rotating picture? Like a slide-show?

    KISS is a good motto IMO.


  • Dogpatch

    please do brinjen!

    also please test this java script if you can, I might use it:

    might just do the trick If i can make sure it looks good on mobile stuff...

    anyone care to report on this page?


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