Please I need your help! evil site

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  • Dogpatch

    evil for some at least!

    Now that I shamelessly hijacked your attention folks, I could, pretty please use some suggestions.

    A dear friend, who is a website designer recently volunteered to redesign my sites.

    He succeeded in creating a great design, especially for . But then his Parkinson's disease (he's only 41 and had to retire early!) took for the worse and he could not follow through on the project. I myself had some problems with carpal tunnel related surgery, which put a lot of my work on hold for a couple of months as well. It isx doing much better now! Unexpected, but I got through it.

    Here's what I would like if you please: check out the new interface at and let me know if you have any suggestions for anything on the page. As you can tell, it is set up to be minimalistic and that is for a reason, with all the new mobile devices and so forth. My sub pages and subfolders will be redesigned soon, but I really only want suggestions for the main page, and possibly indices, flash, etc. and browser compatibility.

    I am happy with the color scheme on the layout and so forth. This volunteer did a wonderful job. Now my job is making it more functional and filling in the blanks. I plan to have the news and net gossip about the watchtower updated almost daily. And since we have a fair amount of traffic already, I think people will benefit from catching the news on one site quickly. Of course, a lot of the stories in that soup are linked to JWD as you already know. Thank you, Simon again for hosting the board!

    I would be especially interested in any comments regarding mobile devices, as well as phones and so forth. Thank you,

    Randy Watters


  • Quirky1

    Randy - I like the softer color scheme. It looks very freindly and appealing. It isn't cluttered so that is a plus. Overall looks good to me. I am sure you will tweak it over time.

  • Dogpatch

    thanks Quirk!

  • minimus

    I like it BUT you have such good info on the site and very little of that shows! It doesn't "grab" me. I like a number of "hot topics" to show up.

    Randy, thanks for your great site!!!!

  • Dogpatch

    HI minimus!

    Good to hear from you, liked the Catholic thread. Tom Cabeen is a longtime personal friend of mine. If I had more time I would comment.

    A lot of people like the old site, because it had so many links on to things they could see right away.

    And that is why I haven't really changed it for 11 years. The site gets a great deal of traffic, but it is certainly due for a facelift. Especially in light of modern devices that require a small visual footprint yet clever links Ault swear. So that is my dilemma to be minimalist, yet easy to find what a person wants. I am open to suggestions please from any of you as long as it doesn't require an expert, which I ain't by a long shot.


    [email protected]

  • Dogpatch

    BTW you won't hurt my feelings, so hit me with valid criticisms on design. I have only begun to overhaul this 1 gig plus monster.


  • minimus

    Being a "minimalist" myself,, what attracted me to your site was the variety offered. Sometimes, you shouldn't mess with success. Having a lot to see on the page makes it easier to catch somebody's interest. If you thought it was a bit cluttered, I can see that but I think less is not best in this case. Remember, searchers will see something written that will catch their eye. Your site has consistently had superior information that would grab a JW's interest.

    I like current events from Watchtower News too. Having the latest info is what I love! (You know how us old JWs were. We always wanted to hear the latest scoop).

  • Dogpatch

    cool, min, that's why it has taken so long! It worked.

    but... it is old school.

  • Hope4Others

    The long peer and water shows the thoughts of free perhaps

    Something to the effect of showing a brain somewhere to pick of on the mind, And a comment like

    "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" seems to come to my mind.

    Just a thought!


  • Peppermint

    "I am happy with the color scheme on the layout and so forth"

    I like the color scheme too although I would say there seems to be 3 shades of green, personally I would say better with just one or two, but what do I know.

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