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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Despite the propaganda coming out of Washington, DC., millions of Americans are in deep financial trouble. Last week the media cranked up the mantra that Wall Street may be getting more optimistic. Really?

    1 -May 2, 2008. Linens 'n Things files for bankruptcy protection - 120 stores to close
    2 -April 30, 2008. Disappearing now: $6 trillion in housing wealth. "A Washington think tank is warning that housing prices are falling at an accelerating level, destroying wealth at a pace that will cost the average homeowner $85,000 in lost wealth this year alone."
    3 -April 29, 2008. Foreclosures Spike 112% - No End In Sight. "More than 155,000 families have lost their homes to foreclosure this year; one out of every 194 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing." (This year? We're only into the first week of May.)
    4 -April 29, 2008. Americans sell personal stuff to make ends meet
    5 -April 29, 2008. More Subprime, Alt-A Mortgages May Head `Underwater'

    6 -April 28, 2008. U.S. Credit Card Debt Soars to Unprecedented Heights. "Washington -- Studies indicate that credit card defaults and related write-offs increased drastically since 2006. Today, lenders write off 33 percent more in credit card debt than they did two years ago."
    7 -April 22, 2008. The trillion-dollar mortgage time bomb. "Risks are rising that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may need a government bailout that could cost far more than previous rescues."
    8 -Fried in the Financial Sun. This is the derivatives nuke, folks.
    9 -April 21, 2008. From boom to bust: Minnesota's new ghost towns
    10 -May 1, 2008. Home Depot to close 15 stores, cites poor performance. (This is a direct result of the housing meltdown)

    11 - Got $4 bux for a cup of coffee at Starbucks? 'Starbucks Earnings Sink 21%.' May 1, 2008: Starbucks Cuts Back on Planned U.S. Store Openings
    12 -May 1, 2008 (scroll to the bottom). Deficiency notice from pension plans - steel workers and teamsters. Sinclair is very respected in his field.
    13 -April 8, 2008. Over nine hundred thousand pink slips were issued over the last year.
    14 -April 22, 2008. California Meltdown: Foreclosures up 327% from '07 levels - 500 foreclosures per day!
    15 -April 2, 2008. U.S: financial industry sets record for job loss

    16 -March 21, 2008. American financial refugees flooding into Canada
    17 -February 22, 2008. City officials weigh bankruptcy filing. (This won't be the last and the solution by city fathers will be to substantially jack your property taxes.)
    18 -February 13, 2008. Bush Administration Hides More Data, Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators
    19 -May 2, 2008. Sun Microsystems Inc., Cuts Jobs After Loss
    20 -April 28, 2008. Opec chief warns of $200 a barrel oil price
    21 -April 26, 2008. Consumers Falling Behind Utility Bills

  • FlyingHighNow

    We are in a recession. The only thing that stands between the USA and depression is the crash of the stock market. If gas prices do no peak soon, they will cause even more sky rocketing inflation. If they go high enough, the global economy will be crippled. Someone at church told me gas pricea are going to peak soon. I hope his source knows what he's talking about.

  • heathen

    The plan I figure is to fight for what's mine ,moving out of the country sounds nice but probably won't make that big a difference .I think canada was already paying high prices , the mexican government is even more corrupt than our own if that's possible .I think most south american countries are very impoverished already , you go to europe and I hear things there are pretty bad , I would not be interested in living under the european union and whatever crappy rules of law they have , asia is another crap hole along with africa.

  • Hope4Others

    Its looking awful bleak down there for you guys, hope things improve fast.



  • sass_my_frass

    My plan of a few years ago is now paying off; getting out of debt, which was mostly about no more purchases of random crap. We fixed our mortgage for five years and hope to have it paid off by then. We grow vegetables where the lawn used to be.

    Oil prices have not peaked; demand has only just outpaced production. Oil prices will continue to grow. Get a smaller car, or no car, demand public transport, buy local food as much as you can.

  • heathen

    Yah get a VW bug that runs on bio fuels . Don't know where you find it or how much it costs tho .I've been saying we need public transportation in my area for a long time but we wind up with a foot ball stadium instead . Wonderful just friggen wonderful ....... like the cowboys couldn't stay where they are or football couldn't pay for the stadium .

  • ninja

    I've got a plan.....don't like to talk too much about it involves eating old age pensioners

  • Alpaca

    The predictions about $200/bbl oil within 2 years could just be attempts at manipulating the news and the markets.

    On the other hand, if that actually happens, the Great Depression will look like a bountiful Sunday picnic.


  • SacrificialLoon

    I make use of pirates, ninjas, bacon, and lasers in my master plan.

  • ninja

    hey long as you are not an oap...your plan to use ninjas is sound

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