JW religion is not all that bad really

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  • dinah


    As a slightly tipsy veteran of this board, gimme a minute to crack my knuckles.

    The people here who still believe in Christ and who have actually found that place in their hearts turn the other cheek. Since I've not really "found" Him yet, I guess that leaves me free to wage a little "spiritual warfare".

    Don't step up in here with a whopping 53 posts and try to tell us about ourselves.

    Sit back and read. You are preaching to the choir-----with a very pissy attitude.

  • loosie

    I think any religion that " Mind F***s you is very bad. And should be avoided

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    As much as it pains me to say it, there is a lot more than logic in this world. Read Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" or "Gulliver's Travels" to get an essence about which I'm speaking. I'm not a believer in any sense of the word, but I recognize that there are a lot of genius people who are religious. Arrogance can kill.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    I'm watching a film called 'Jesus Camp'

    What more validation do you need than a biased hollywood documentary? I'm not a christian, but seriously, your smug, self-righteousness is insuffrable and extremely counter-productive.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    you idiots who post on here

    Thanks for the complement. Luckily both my JW and my XJW experience helps me not to care what other say about me.

    If you don't like the people on this website the internet's a big place. Go somewhere where you won't find idiots.

  • chrisjoel

    I feelya...I get incensed sometimes when I read posts on this site that make Jesus/evangelicalism/christian faith/ or whatever the best thing since the discovery of the "truth"....and it makes me hurl sometimes. Thats why I only post when i have something to say that I feel would be intresting for some out here like me..or I come out here to read what the latest on the JW world is since my family is all in. The thing is though the guy that influenced me to leave was Ray Franz and that man still finds reasons to believe in Jesus and God ect...since I think for myself I like to believe ppl can choose to believe what makes them comfortable..belief in a cow, a teapot orbiting the planet Jupiter, YHWH, jesus,,Dionysus, Black Jesus, Chinese Jesus, Italian Jesus, Hercules, Batman and Robin, Arnold SHwartzanegger, or the worship of the lead singer of the canadian rock group Rush ..Geddy Lee......WHO FRIGGIN CARES! Let ppl keep praying to whatever god they want and we can keep telling them how nutty it is to pray to an "invisible man" in the sky.

  • dinah


    The "Christians" resort to name calling (idiots) because they can't match wits. Most are mindless drones who were taught by some man.

    I hear ya Awaken.

    All Christians are not assholes trying to shove their religion (or something else ) down your throat.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I watched Jesus Camp not too long ago myself. I believe it to be the scariest, most offensive film I have ever seen. What that woman (and Evangelical Christians in general) are doing is despicable & terrifying. No other way to look at it. That being said, it does not, by any means, soften or downplay the destructive nature of the Jehovah's Witnesses. they are every bit as despicable as the people outlined in Jesus Camp. At least the Evangelicals are fairly straightforward and look you in the eye when they stick the knife in. The WTS is sneaky, underhanded, & dishonest. That crazy bat of a woman in Jesus Camp pretty much put it all out there, even as crazy and poisonous as her message is.

    The remarks made by the original poster of this thread are ridiculous. Anyone who has had their life ripped apart by the WTS is entitled to their pain & anguish. Just because there are other religions out there that are despicable and poisonous does not mean that the WTS is any less diabolical. The only thing more despicable than pedophelia is the covering up, dismissal, and support of pedophile activity. Tearing families apart is pretty despicable as well. Any arguments otherwise are pure hogwash.

    Let me tell what else is despicable. Invalidating or downplaying someone else's emotional pain and anguish. Who are you to tell people what they should & shouldn't be upset about?

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Wow, this is a spirited thread.

    There is some truth in every post, I believe.

    I honestly feel that the JW religion has a little heavier bloodguilt than most religions because of its unusually high level of intolerance. Intolerance towards other faiths, and intolerance towards viewpoints that differ from the WT's. Lines of common decency are often crossed, and what is good for the hive is placed above what is good for the bees.

    This seems to be the common trait of a dangerous or damaging religion - intolerance.

    Ironically enough when it comes to the JW faith, my vote is for extermination. LOL. How is that for turning the tables on intolerance, and fighting fire with fire? Or should I say, an eye for an eye?


    The Oracle

  • dinah

    Thanks, Low-key

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