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  • VoidEater

    Worship: what is it? How do you do it?

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Kindness to every living creature and gratefulness to the Giver of Life daily.

  • VoidEater

    No attendance at a formal ritual? No altar needed? A lack of prostration?


    I'm curious...how "worship" might exceed the boundaries of a traditional "coming together to worship"...

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Well, I'm currently kind of missing the 'coming together' part and deciding what's next...not sure...

    As to the ritual part, I splurged on a lovely angel garden statue which I will be placing in my rather large and wooded garden, and I might prostrate myself there every now and then...(!)

  • VoidEater

    Ah, a personal shrine and perhaps sacred space...in nature...that sounds very appealing...

    So different from what I was raised with - "worship" had to be indoors, apart from nature, and seemed to be about listening to lectures. My baptist friends seemed to sing as a part of worship, not just as a ritual to start and stop lectures, but as a form of ... praising God with song?

    It's an interesting struggle within me, to understand "worship", as growing up I just went to meetings. It didn't register as "worship". It was like fulfilling an obligation.

  • momzcrazy

    I "worship" every morning before my kids are awake. Me and the rising sun.


  • Robdar

    I find the spirit in my garden while sitting quietly, especially at night. The candles and moonlight make a soft glow.

    I try to carry the spirit with me by being grateful and (attempting to be) kind.

  • winnower

    wor ship.....war ship

    Maybe there is something to the alien theory.

    Nephilim's were aliens.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Worship falls into 2 categories for me.

    1. The formal community type where people of like minds join together to pray, give thanks and fellowship with each other and God.

    2. Everything I do each day - every breath, every thought, everything that makes me who I am is an act of worship - because I am being who God intended me to be. Like the Psalms say - all creation praises God. When I look, for example, at a tree - I see part of creation worshipping - simply because it is being a tree, again exactly what God intended!

    And yes, some of my Christian brothers and sisters find my thoughts a bit far out lol!

  • RAF

    I don't know for real, I guess that again it's something that anyone can do and feel in lots of differents ways (all together or only one) depending on how and what any feel about the matter and they're potential hability /natural gifts to be able to accomplish themself as a christian (if we are talking about christianity) ... It looks like in being different to be balanced (for our own needs - to be able to stand and support others needs with detachement and without frustration) we probably don't need the exact same thing and won't act and react the exact same ways regarding the same matter ... that's why I did adhere to Christ doctrine for being based on only one principle ... not that it makes things easier to accomplish ourself but at least easier to get a clue about what's really important when there is something important to pay attention to around us to far from us ... I mean, we won't save the world (that's not an individual job - not even a material job - but a spiritual job - most related to mentality) but we can bring a lot with the little that we are able to give/share and protect.

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