Mary's Ovum - LOL

by DoomVoyager 33 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Last year: Snake legs.

    This year: Mary's ovum.

    Long time ago: Leeches.

    I think it's time to revisit leeches.

    Are leeches for Christians?

    What if they are stored in aluminum cookware?

    Anybody wanna hear the Zion's Watchtower cure for appendicitis?

    I read it yesterday if anyone's interested?


  • nvrgnbk

    So now they're teaching people about Divine Semen?

  • Mastodon

    Imagine God actually consorting physically with Mary... must have been something like this:

    "Oh yes, oh yes, right there baby, tickle my Pillars of Creation, TICKLE 'EM! Oh yeah that's the spot! Oh myself! Oh myself! Oooooo..." *BIG BANG*!!!!

  • ex-nj-jw
    In Mary's case, seeing as she so readily agreed to bear the Savior, I believe God intervened and canceled out the painful effects of giving birth.

    Uhm I wasn't aware that she had a choice Did he ask permission to use her body prior to er, you know do'n the do?


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