Hi everyone I am a newbie and I need help

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  • Layla33

    You can't walk someone else's path for them, it is their journey and they must do it alone. You can get your armor together and make sure you know what you are saying when challenged. But you can't think for anyone else, just live and believe what is right for you and be confident enough to explain to anyone that questions that...

  • parlay

    Take them to page 621 proclaimers book where it says



    "As Jehovah’s Witnesses today review the work that he did, the things he taught, his reason for teaching them, and the outcome, they have no doubt that Charles Taze Russell was, indeed, used by God in a special way and at a significant time."

    Ask them have they ever done this? Have they ever read any of the books and magazines Russell wrote? Maybe even mention

    a tid bit of something Russell taught that most JW's know nothing about. Just enough to whet their appetite. Everything being hinged on

    compliance with the above quote from the Proclaimers book. So you're not questioning the organization, you're following their direction.

    See if they are willing to do what the Society says they as Jehovah’s Witnesses supposedly have already done.

    Ask them to call Bethel and request some of Russells publications so they can be in line with what Proclaimers book.

    Let them feel the shock of realizing they won't get anything of Russells from Brooklyn. If they are sincere they will want to do

    the research on their own and you will be able to share what you have learned with them.

  • Twitch

    Welcome philosopher

    Don't know how to answer your question other than live your life, not someone elses'. Live by example perhaps,...


  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Hi & welcome.

    You have recieved lots of good advice so far. I would add that with some people it is possible to assist their exit. This proved a real winner for me: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/17501/1.ashx The pictures are no longer there, but you have the references to look them up in your Kingdumb Hall library and your local public library.

    ... though of course your family may subject you to eternal shunning (until the next Faithless Slavebugger flip flop on the shunning issue), so it is best to ask them for help in understanding things like the fake chimp or the quotations they changed in the same book. Here is the link: http://www.dimaggio.org/Heretic/critical.htm If you go down this road always frame your knowledge as requests for help in understanding things that you "just don't fully understand". Maybe you will help them. At some point you may be hauled before the elders who will ask if you believe the Faithless Slavebugger is God's channel bla bla bla ...... just say yes.

    Best of luck!

  • greendawn

    Don't tell them unless you have to, if your rejection of the JWs becomes overt and they ask you to justify your course you must give your reasons.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy


    As to your question, there is no surefire answer. I have been spoonfeeding some of what I have learned to my wife and to her father. They listen and agree that they have seen many injustices and outright bs, but the continue to make excuses for the washtowel society. So, coming out and saying all that is on my mind would be dangerous, because she would probably leave me to stay with her rabid family. I love them, but some things are best left to these individuals to sort out on the ir own.

  • annalesia

    Hello - new myself but finding it great to talk to others. I was convinced for 45 years that the org. was Jehovah's true faith - got out in 3 days after reading "apostate literature". Dear friend - there is a life out there - have you the courage to make the move? It can cost - it certainly did cost me - but I would not change anything. I was shunned by all my extended family and very much alone - it was still worth it, to be FREE. I'm an old lady now who is full of life and no longer afraid or burdened. Be brave - its a very difficult decision but you can always talk here without fear. I wish you well.


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