District Overseer comments at CA reveal GB out of answers...

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  • still_in74

    so 2 weeks ago I went to my 2 day CA.

    This had lots of interesting tid-bits, like the WT summary of the generation change. The conductor said that if we were listeing to Jesus speak we would have known he was speaking about us! Then he followed with "and thats PROBABLY what they understood too" - I couldnt believe he actually said probably.

    anyway, at the end of Sunday the DO came about and went into a bit about all the things the org has done for us. It was as interesting as it was telling. It was directed towards all those that have "lost their sense of urgency" and dont take "direction" as seriously.

    He said: "who taught you about 1914? About the true identity of the FDS? Who taught you that god is not a trinity? Who taught you the truth about pagan Holidays and how to keep without spot from the world? etc etc. he went on like this for 3 or 4 minutes...

    this seemed to be an admission from the WTS that they know the R&F are "bored" with the "truth". As if the GB are saying "yes we know we've made mistakes but look at all this other stuff we've done! If it wasnt for us you wouldnt know about any of this stuff!

    It seems to speak volumes when the GB has to send in the heavies to the CA to hit the members with a guilt session for doubting. Yet their is no logical debate here. They are not "correcting" wrong thinking. No, they are just saying "well what about all these powerful works we've accomplished in Gods name?" (sound familiar?)

    this line of reasoning sounds like that of a man trapped in a corner, desperate for a way out, grasping at straws. this seems to correspond with recent Study Edition WT's lately too.

    anyone else hear this from the DO ?

  • still_in74


  • snowbird

    I sense desperation in all their undertakings.

    I haven't gone to a meeting since 2005.


  • lawrence

    Lord, didn't we false prophecy in your name? Didn't we screw up lives in your name? Didn't we kick the crap out of the flock in your name? Didn't we!

  • flipper

    STILL in 74- I too haven't been to meetings since late 2003 - however I feel they will continue to make the rank and file members feel " guilty" by this kind of cult speak you said. They are desperate grasping for straws like a cornered lion. And if more child abuse lawsuits come forward in the next 5 years - as I'm sure they will- watch them really grasp for straws ! LOL! They will be back pedaling into the rurals of Patterson New York quicker than you can say " 1914 prophecy sucks ! " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • minimus

    Interesting thread. I think they feel that because they taught certain unique teachings, then, they should be given exrtra credit. But we all know 1914 is wrong.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Our D.O. is getting up in years and made a couple of very impassioned pleas. The overall tone was:

    " I've put my whole life into this. I believe it 100%. I know I may die soon before seeing Armageddon firsthand. But please, PLEASE hang in there my dear brothers & sisters. Keep making JWism the very essense of your being. Make SURE you're doing your VERY BEST. I know it's hard. We're ALMOST there. Keep going. Keep pushing. You can do it."

    Very touching. Very moving.

    Unless you don't believe it.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Well, I unfortunately lost so much of my sense of 'urgency' that I totally skipped the CA this year....after all, every CA has the usual 'loss of joy, loss of sense of urgency, loss of taking proper direction' talk - why would I want to go there just to hear that same old sh*t again? I wonder if they realize all their griping and harping is not reaching its intended audience and only serving to alienate the ones still in that have to listen to the repeated scoldings.

    They better come up some real spiritual food SOON or they won't have any attendees at all. Good for you on sitting through that...

  • ninja

    there are probably 30 year old DO's saying....it might not come before I die ...but keep going...it's almost here

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    da ninja:

    there are probably 30 year old DO's saying....it might not come before I die ...but keep going...it's almost here

    Very true. But coming from this great-grandfatherly type person, the heart strings in the audience were being played like so many Stradivarii. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. Hell, I didn't even believe a word of it, and I felt drawn to him. The WT is getting their money's worth out of this guy, IMO.


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