New family situation, and I'm HOT!!!

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  • bluesbreaker59

    Ok, so this morning I get a call from my aunt (active JW), in a panic. She's telling me about what happened to her this weekend. Apparently my scumbag of an uncle (non-JW, he faded) came home drunk, and pushing her around, raising cane, and apparently hit her a few times. BTW, this IS NOT, the first time, he's also been a huge cheater, and started mental and verbal abuse about 3 months into their marriage, when he was a Ministerial Servant. Well he left the Borg about 3 years into their marriage (married over 14+ years). He's been a first class DICK, the whole time, to my aunt, their young kids, and the whole family. She tried to call our JW family, and NONE of them, came to help her, or to sit with her. She called the cops and pressed charges against him, and got a restraining order.

    The "family" didn't call her back until late the next night. My dad, didn't even bother to call her back. This is his little sister!!!! This is the same man that 12 years ago, put her husband in his place, PHYSICALLY. I don't get it. I asked why she didn't call me (DF'd) or my cousin (inactive), I said we both would've been by her side in minutes. She said no family or JW's have come to her side yet, the only ones are her "worldly" friends and her family out of the org.

    I told her the unfortunate truth is she will probably be facing a JC, for filing charges and also for the pending divorce. She sounded less than happy about that, but knew it was coming. She's been warned by the elders in the past, if she left him. I really am hoping this is her wake up call.

  • Quirky1

    BB59 - What a shot is the a$$. The witless are extremely F'd/up. I am sorry, but if I had gotten a call from my little sis let alone my aunt I woulda been there a heartbeat ready to pound some a$$.

    Just my opinion but I do not beleive in hitting a women no matter what the circumstances.


  • bluesbreaker59

    Preaching to the choir, my man!!! My pop is about your age, and he really shocked me with his "hands off" stance... He used to be filled with "piss and vinegar", these days I don't see that in him. I see a loving man that has been beaten down by the world, his wife, and the Borg. I hate seeing that. Maybe he's just mellowed with age. I'll tell ya though, my "uncle" better watch himself if he crosses paths with my cousin or I.

  • Finally-Free

    Life is too short to waste any of it with abusive people. No one deserves that.

    There's no reason for the JWs to have her before a JC if she divorces him. My non-jw dad was an abusive drunk, and my mom, an active jw, was congratulated by the elders for eventually leaving him. There was no JC.


  • LovesDubs

    She needs to get away from him..and NOW. That piece of paper that RO...will not keep him away from her if he gets drunk and decides he is above the law.

    Having BEEN in her shoes in the last two years...she needs to surround herself with trustable family like you and get that divorce finalized. And DOCUMENT EVERY COMMENT EVERY THREAT EVERY PHONE CALL EVERY TIME SHE SEES HIM from NOW ON. Im DEAD serious.

  • flipper

    BLUESBREAKER- What the hell ? Your aunt shouldn't be facing a JC for any charges her a$$wipe of a husband should , for christ's sakes ! I'm with Quirky here - there is never any excuse for pounding or hitting a woman ! The husband should be sitting in a committee meeting as we speak - that's how fast they should pull his a$$ into one ! Not only that if he struck her - she would really help herself by pressing charges of assault - then they'd put him in jail where he belongs !

    Try to be there for her , insist on it - as your JW relatives sure aren't doing their " christian " jobs ! It's such a joke what these JW's consider important , and what they consider non-important. Their priorities are all messed up. If you are there for your aunt , while the witnesses are not, it will be a great anti-witness for her and maybe get her to think ! My best to you and your aunt

  • loosie

    Wow what a wake up call. The only family that helps is the non jw's. So much for jw's being the good samaritan. Kudos to you for helping her.

  • crazyblondeb

    I got three words......Good-bye Earl!!

  • nelly136

    if the elders come knocking on her she can tell them he's a spiritual endangerment and that shes prepared to divorce him and is aware that she wont be scriptually free to remarry. as long as she doesnt fornicate/adultery i dont think they have any grounds to jc her. (less theyre total Awipes)

    and good for her having the Ahole arrested, i really hope she follows through and doesnt let him back, she deserves so much better treatment than that.

  • changeling

    Your aunt will not face a JC unless she commits adultery. While she probably will receive little or no support for leaving her scumbag husband, she has not commited a DFing offense. Even if she divorces him she will be OK (though she will not have "priviledges"). Now, if she remarries before he does or w/o proof of his adultery she will face a JC.


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