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  • John Doe
    John Doe
    My appointment stands, anytime an Ex-JW attorney would like to sit down and discuss things and work together looking for that loophole, then they will have my undivided attention.

    So, you're saying you're going to sit on your laurels and wait for an attorney to come to you, and until that time fantasize about "destroying" the Watch Tower Society. Is that the gist of what you're saying?

  • Junction-Guy

    No, absolutely not, that is not what I am saying. I am always actively seeking an attorney, especially one that is going in with a similiar angle as me. Like I said I don't have any experience being sexually abused, so I really couldnt be of help to Kimberlee Norris and a few others. I do believe that when an attorney takes on the blood issue I could be of better help and I would pursue that further, even if just in a supporting capacity.

    There are very few EX JW attorneys on this board, when I do notice one starting to post, I wait awhile, see what their angle is, and then decided if I want to contact them.

    There are some that are actively seeking the loophole and looking for every way to win a case against the WT Society

    And then there are some attorneys that actively discourage and bully those that are working to win a case.

    From the responses I have read, both you and Oroborus21 fall into the latter category.

    Kimberlee Norris and a couple of others fall into the first catgeory.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Junction guy, what gets me is I've been on this forum since '05, and your posts regarding this topic have remained virtually the same. I'm not trying to bully or discourage you, but I do think you'd benefit from a dose of reality and some distancing of yourself from JW issues.


    I still think a slander/defamation suit could be successfully pursued since the WTBS actively tell their followers from the platform and in their printed material to "treat" people who leave their organization as, "liars, fornicators, idolaters", etc. These are people who voluntarily leave becasue of differing opinions. In other words, you can NEVER leave under any good circumstance without it ruining your family structure.

    Case in point, my parents were denied their "right" to go to their granddaughters wedding reception because they disassociated. She stated in a letter to them that she could "allow" them to come to the wedding to observe her ceremony but they had to "leave after that", because attending the reception would be "socializing" with them. Feel the love. As someone once pointed out, the WTBS is just like the Mafia because you can join but you can never leave. I also read somewhere that Courts were NOT sympathetic to entities who have disruptive influences on families.


    PS. For any Dubbies who might be reading this, my 70+ parents were not "liars, fornicators, idolators" or anything else insinuated by the WTBS but if you have the balls to say it to my face prepare to have your ass kicked.

  • milligal

    John Doe are you an attorney? Maybe this is inappropriate to ask, but I wondered what criteria/experience/education you are basing your opinion on. With that being said you must also know that attorney's would hold differing opinions on this topic. It's not a question of 'can it be done' but 'what would be involved and are the resources available to complete the task'. Attorney's don't promise wins or losses (if they do they are not experienced), they outline strategies, based on thier knowledge of the law, legal and jurisdictional precedence. Now if I'm not mistaken there are many states where no precedence has been set for this, it's open to any US citizen who feels his/her constitutional rights have been trampled to request the courts hear them on this matter.

    You think it cannot be done? Read the 'Trial of the Century' by Frank Schmalleger. That is an example of artistic lawyer skills (as stomach wrenching as it is).

    The wtbts settled out of court regarding the sexual abuse cover-ups last year, they also paid out millions in exchange for gag orders on the sex abuse victims. There is clearly reason for them doing this: they thought they'd lose/they didn't want the publicity. There is reason to think one of these inspirations might show itself again.

    Now you're entitled to your opinion but I would appreciate not being called stupid for holding mine, which is clearly supported by intelligible evidence.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Milligal, as I stated in a previous post I am not licensed to practice law and I am not a lawyer. My education is not at issue here.

    I've not said that individual cases can not be won, but what I did say is that a class action suit will not happen and I stick with that assertion. Furthermore, the majority of people who speak of class action suits are fantasizing about unrealistic goals with no intention of carrying anything out. Feel free to prove me wrong.

  • Fisherman

    In the USA. if the lawsit is grounded on shunning, that has already been decided by the courts. Your time and money could be better spent.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Individual suits would have to be won before you can even think about getting a class action going.

    I have to disagree here. I was part of a class action suit (US Case 00cv060) against the Dept of energy. We got an out of court settlement after almost 7 years of the back and forth of it all. No individual cases were won. Two people filed separate cases in the New Mexico federal district court, then the two were combined into one, then a class actuion was begun after two years. So, it is not as negative as all that.

  • Indo_Dude
  • sweetface2233
    My gosh. Stop being victims.


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