HOW do you invision the day of your death...

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  • zeroday

    I'm a truck driver and thus in one of the highest casulity profession and also ride a motorcycle...will my death be by motor vehicle or natural causes...I wonder sometimes...the moment of death what will it be like...

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    You could die by sniper. Just sayin'. Have you ever thought of getting a dog to take care of that "little" problem?

    Actually, I was almost murdered in 2004, so I would say that I might die by someone blowing my brains out. I don't worry so much about that anymore.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I wake up in the morning

    And I raise my weary head

    I got an old coat for a pillow

    And the earth was last nights bed

    I dont know where Im going

    Only God knows where Ive been

    Im a devil on the run

    A six gun lover

    A candle in the wind

    When youre brought into this world

    They say youre born in sin

    Well at least they gave me something

    I didnt have to steal or have to win

    Well they tell me that Im wanted

    Yeah Im a wanted man

    Im colt in your stable

    Im what cain was to abel

    Mister catch me if you can

    Im going down in a blaze of glory

    Take me now but know the truth

    Im going down in a blaze of glory

    Lord I never drew first

    But I drew first blood

    Im no ones son

    Call me young gun

    You ask about my consience

    And I offer you my soul

    You ask if Ill grow to be a wise man

    Well I ask if Ill grow old

    You ask me if I known love

    And what its like to sing songs in the rain

    Well,Ive seen love come

    And Ive seen it shot down

    Ive seen it die in vain

    Shot down in a blaze of glory

    Take me now but know the truth

    cause Im going down in a blaze of glory

    Lord I never drew first

    But I drew first blood

    Im the devils son

    Call me young gun

    Each night I go to bed

    I pray the lord my soul to keep

    No I aint looking for forgiveness

    But before Im six foot deep

    Lord,i got to ask a favor

    And Ill hope youll understand

    cause Ive lived life to the fullest

    Let the boy die like a man

    Staring down the bullet

    Let me make my final stand

    Shot down in a blaze of glory

    Take me now but know the truth

    Im going out in a blaze of glory

    Lord I never drew first

    But I drew first blood

    And Im no ones son

    Call me young gun

    Im a young gun

  • R.Crusoe

    I have this powerful feeling that if I am conscious at the point of death I will smile internally because my reality is to move onwards as we all will to another state of consciousness of no justice - simply the life of being.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I've had PTSD due to an armed robbery since 2004 and have had dreams of every possible way that I could die by being murdered. I've invisioned it all. Never by suicide, however, and never natural. I've had two vivid premonitions before, and they did absolutely come true, but none of my dreams so far have. I'm still here.

    By they way, that is what started my exit out of the org. The "brothers" couldn't be bothered by my petty problems. They couldn't even be bothered to take out 5 fu.king minutes of their "valuable" time to comfort me. I vowed to be there whenever anyone needs to talk. I will not be like them.

  • FlyingHighNow

    This is what I hope for:

    The kids are all in good places in their lives. The grandchildren have graduated from college and well established in their lives. I am old, but I am content. Tired. Ready to go.

    We all get together for my birthday. We feast, we celebrate. There is good food, music, dancing, humor and laughter, lots of laughter. Everyone tells me happy memories they have of life with me. They all give me long, lingering hugs as they say their farewells. They look me in the eyes and tell me to take good care of me and give me their "God bless you"s.

    That night, as I drift off to sleep, on the very comfortable day bed on my screened in porch, I look at the sparkling stars. I listen to the sounds of the night. I cuddle up in my pillows and snuggle my blanket around me, one foot out, too keep me cool. A cool autumn breeze blows through the air. The fragrence of fireplaces burning wafts in the air. I say a prayer, asking God and the angels to watch over my family and me this night. I drift back in time and the good things of my life play before me. I close my eyes and begin to dream that the angels have come to take me. I softly breathe my last breaths. And I walk on the night winds into love and light.......

    At my funeral, done the way I planned, people cry, but they smile. They say I added some happiness to their lives. They all agree it's nice that I passed peacefully in my sleep. All around are pictures of my life from babyhood to the present. People marvel that this old lady was ever that young. All my favorite music is played. There is a message read, from me, a message of comfort and cheer for everyone. People speak if they want. People say they can feel me there. And they are right. I am there to comfort them. They feel waves of goosebumps and warmth as I give them spirit hugs.

    There is a cremation.... Right now I don't have a place I want my ashes spread. For now I like the idea of remaining with one of the children. They are fine with that. They will probably trade back and forth. They divide up my refrigerator magnets that were lovingly collected for decades. (They really have asked for them. They are very cool.) And I watch over the people I love, until one by one they join me in the great beyond.

    I've never been an atheist. No matter how hard life has been.

  • changeling

    As a really sucky day.

  • Bring_the_Light

    Well, I just got out of the Army National Guard. For the past 6 years, I've imagined it being gloriously on the field of battle, lots of gunfire, explosions, blood and writhing in pain with body parts missing. Now I guess I'll need to make piece with some pussy bullshit civilian-type expiration.

    I'm on Inactive Ready Reserve till 2010 (could still be called up even though I'm "out"), so if Obama pulls a Kerry and loses against all reason, maybe I'll get my chance to die like a man.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Now I guess I'll need to make piece with some pussy bullshit civilian-type expiration.

    Okay, Lt. Dan.

  • jaguarbass

    Dont know but I hope its in my sleep.

    I came close to dying on my motorcycle. At that time everything went into slow motion.

    I had a friend who had a heart attack at work when he was 40. He said I havent got time for this and fell down and died. He had a pretty good death.

    Still I'm putting in to die in my sleep in be at 90.

    But you never know.

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