Nobody is talking about the Generation change!!

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  • oompa

    What they hey? There's been a generantion change???????....................oompa

  • Quandry

    Could it be that they don't want to acknowledge a creeping disernment that they have been strung along, and so the Gibbering Buddy can no more be trusted on this claim than all the other failures, or is it that they are afraid of being called apostos?

    I think that you are exactly right on this.

    I know that when the 1995 generation came, I asked my husband who was an elder at the time about it. He also was the Watchtower study conductor. We studied our WT and I began to get uneasy. Hubbie just smoothed it over. I remember sitting in the KHall looking at the others around me as this was studied. No one batted an eye. I thought that it was just me and my "lack of faith" and began to feel guilty.

    I also had a sinking feeling that if I questioned, I might be having "apostate thinking." I decided that I should not discuss this, even with my husband.

    It was at this point that the creeping discernment began for me, and the past statements about generation and 1914 began swimming in my head.

    This wasn't the issue that got me and my husband out, but I think that eventually when the generation was changed again, then the 1935 thing, I would have become dissilutioned.

  • Awakened07
    I'll attend a JW family dinner soon. Let's see what happens. I won't be the one bringing anything up, though.

    Dinner is over. Zero, nada, silch about doctrine or org.

    I find it a little strange - although I don't mind - that they're not busy trying to save me, since the big A is just around the corner. Seriously, I'll die! And yet, the focal point was to have a good time together, which I don't mind at all, and don't really fault them for either. Sure, a few key JW words popped up here and there, but it never amounted to a conversation. It was all smiles and everyday friendly banter.

  • Gerard

    Could someone please write a brief chronology of the Generation © ™ doctrine changes? I'm not a JW and need some ammo.


  • BFD

    Gerard, take a look at this...

    Thanks, V!


  • nomoreguilt

    It's been my observation over the years that the only ones who EVER understood or recognized New Lite when it came out were the ones that were Old when I was in my 20's and 30's. Thesee folks would be either in thier 80's or long gone by now.

    The younger jw's do not understand the deep things of the wts. They have been conditioned now to accept whatever the GB hands down. The continual extending of the BIG "A" is just another sign of the times to them, god continuing to show and EXTEND MERCY to the world.

    They are yet to see the fall of babylon the Great and the acts of the Wild Beast towards it. The wts has alot more explaining to do in the future, it's a sticky mess that they have gotten themselves into. 1975 came and went, they denied responsibilty for the promoting of it. The annointed now, the generation change, younger of the annointed, the nephinem class that aids the annointed, they constantly have to make explanations to cover the publishing company's ASSets.


  • Gerard

    Gerard, take a look at this...

    Thanks! It is nice to put it all together. What I found really sad funny is this quote:

    It may be difficult at times to uderstand such updated bullshit explanations, but the reasons for them is not of your concern become clear in due course. Watchtower, Jannuary 1, 2000.

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