Nobody is talking about the Generation change!!

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  • hamsterbait

    Every time I have raised the NOOLITE on this, it is met with blank looks and no comment.

    On the phone it has been met with silence while they wait to see why I am talking about it.

    Has anybody else noticed this - it is a trend that less and less witlesses discuss doctrines and teachings when socializing.

    Could it be that they don't want to acknowledge a creeping disernment that they have been strung along, and so the Gibbering Buddy can no more be trusted on this claim than all the other failures, or is it that they are afraid of being called apostos?

    One elderly sister (90) who really thought she would never die, and is now, when I said I was atonished at the recent changes in 1935 annointed, generation and now no book group, just waited at the other end of the phone.

    "Hello?" I said. "are you still there?"

    "so does this mean you think it is all rubbish?" ( my alarm bells rang)

    "I think it shows they are moving forward in their understanding." At this she brightened up, and we just talked trivia after that.

    I may seem a hypocrite here - but she would only have caused trouble for ME, and ended up dying in distress if I did bother to show her what a crock it all is.

    People don't seem to "talk about the truth" at gatherings anymore. ( well the first one I was invited to in 15 years anyway.)


  • Awakened07

    I'll attend a JW family dinner soon. Let's see what happens. I won't be the one bringing anything up, though.

  • Blueblades

    Ham, I think that they don't understand the recent article about the generation now being applied to the anointed. They are having their minds boggled and are just going with the flow. To question the change means that you don't follow the Governing Body's lead. They are afraid to be called an apostate or get shunned and looked down upon if they question this new light.

    Some may silently be chewing on this and will take some kind of action later. You are right about there not being a bigger response to this generation change.


  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    I spoke to my mother the other day about it, and she didn't understand the whole thing either...haha

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  • Honesty

    Talking about it requires that they think about it.

    Now, what JW in their right mind wants to think about the crazy stuff flowing out of Brooklyn Bethel these days?

  • Galileo

    The trouble is, the JW's that think about it at all realize that it's all tentative, but they don't want to say so. They are afraid to comment, and most wish the Governing Body would just stop with the esoteric bible trivia. When I was going through my serious soul searching and realized I didn't know why I believed any of it anymore, I asked all of my closest friends why they believed, including my pioneer wife, elders, and two C.O.s why they believed. Not one of them had an answer. Not one.

  • logic

    I agree with blueblade. The society keeps hammering that the end is near, but everything they are changing says it is not. The generation can keep on going, the annointed can keep being gathered, and the sheep and the goats are not being seperated. It is all moving away from the 1914 thing.

    I don't think they can talk about it because they don't understand it.In fact I don't think they understood any of it before the changes and now they are really confused.

  • Dirty Rat
    Dirty Rat

    They didn't make a fuss about the 1995 generation change either.

    They felt as if the end was still in their life time, and nothing really changed.

  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    "What do you mean we have to drink this, I HATE kool Aide"

    We never talked about doctrine changes. 1975 was the topic when I was young, but I was told it was made up lies from evil apostates.

    Not sure how they can justify the MAJOR changes that have occurred. The gas, and progressive light is wearing thin on MY GENERATION. I know of several burned out elders in their late-30's that work massive OT hours.

    It's funny (SAD), after making a life of sacrafices for the emperor, you find that he really did not have on any clothes.


    I can remember some events from my childhood when I was going to kindergarden.The age of 5 is a very reasonable age to bear witness to some events.

    This way we can count the end-time generation from 1919 AD. Next year 2009 AD there will be still many people in the world of age 100. May be some 2 million. My next prediction of the end of the world is the year 2011 AD. With the aging population coupled with medical advances it is likely that the same number will stay to that year. 2 million poeple that's a whole lot of people. For the generation to pass all those would have to die before 2011 AD.

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