As A Former JW, Do You Feel You Should "Apologize" For Past Actions?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- I apologized to my 23 year old son for raising him in a " mind control cult" - even though he got out 5 years ago himself ! His statement to me : " Dad , you were just doing what you thought was right at the time, like your mom and dad taught you . No harm, no foul. " It brought tears to my eyes to see my son's maturity level - that he had indeed moved on himself past JW land

  • Gayle

    I went back to my mom's family and in a sizable group setting I apologized for our not visiting with them during the years we were Jehovah's Witnesses. Mom had died many years prior due to cancer but I assured them if she had lived long enough that she would have apologized to them. I felt them appreciate my words.

  • minimus

    666, if you read the thread, you'd see my view.

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