Are we hyper-sensitised to JW changes? Do we exaggerate their importance?

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  • Gordy

    I don't think we are "hyper-sensitive" over changes. Some may exaggerate some of the changes that have occurred, others have just had a mention in passing.

    But something like the "Book study" change, makes us take notice. Especially to those of us who had been JWs for many many years. When you have constantly been told that the "provisions" provided by the FDS are constant and unchanging. That just before I left 9 years ago, that you are told that the "Book study groups" are a mainstay of the congregation. That they will be important when the Great Tribulation comes. They will be how brothers/sisters will keep in touch, because the Kingdom Halls will probably be shut down by the nations.

    Then you hear that they are doing away with the groups. This is big news to some of us. A major meeting is done away with! It was the centre were the weeks field service was arranged and any other arrangements dealt with. Does the change mean that the Elder of that group is going to have to run around at the KH telling the "group" members were they are meeting? Or wil they find a mean of puuting something up on the notice board for all groups. I can just see brothers/sisters walking out after the meeting not knowing were field service will be held.

    But until we actually hear how it will be done we can only guess.

    Also I think that many brothers/sisters will miss having others at their home for that evening. I have a feeling that my wife will, even though the numbers have dropped in recent years. It was a time to show what a "good" hospital JW they were.

  • Layla33

    I can only speak for myself in that I could care less one way or the other, they can have five meetings a week. I read it out of interest from people that are still involved, because my family is in there. Otherwise, it is like watching a movie or reading a book. I am just an observer.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you haven't read all the threads about the changes (and how could you),
    here's things to ponder over that might make this seem somewhat less important.

    They are low on qualified elders to conduct bookstudy.

    They may need to cram 5 congregations into many single halls, so there really isn't a
    night free for bookstudy groups.

    Bookstudy is the lowest attendance, so they may just want to boost attendance
    in this unusual way, and control the independent thinking at Bookstudy at the same time.

    They may reduce the making of books even further, so they don't want to bore people with
    an hour of another OLD publication, knowing they won't come.

    And the greatest mystery of all deflated: they may have let the cat out of the bag 8 months
    early simply because they soon have to print the school schedules and release the new
    books at the DC, so people were going to leak this. By releasing early, they control the
    buzz and got a bunch of people to show up last Sunday. NO MYSTERY AT ALL.

  • jamiebowers

    Of course we are hyper-sensative to jw changes, because for most of us, the WTB&TS decides whether our families will speak to us. If there is exaggeration of the importance of the changes, it is only because we are hoping that either they will change the shunning rule or disband completely. I appreciate the people who share these little tidbits of information, especially before they are shared with the rank and file jws. As crazy as the WTB&TS is, having early knowledge of their hair brained schemes very well may aid us to help our family members who are still in.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I don't know if we are hyper-sensitive or not. What I do know is that I enjoy making fun of the policy makers in Brooklyn!

    "Death To the wacthtower!
    Death To their Governing body of Perverted Old Molesting Swine!"

  • Trickie

    Absolutely! I'm sick of getting calls (moslty from the in-laws) "omg theyre merging the book study... the end is so close" Look everybody not even Jesus knows when Jehovah's gonna gonna pull the plug on this system. It could just as easily be tomorrow or 20 years from now, the point is don't look for any signs or wait for further warnings from the society to make your move. Do it NOW if you want to ensure yourself. And yeah I know the society has stated that this calender year we need to be stronger than ever. If you look at the different events that have takin place in 2008 yeah man you can definitely see that the pieces are in motion, something is up! but thats gonna be the case with each approaching year, each year obviously going to be worse than the last so yeah every day this system lasts longer the more eminent its going to be that we side with Jehovah.

  • WTWizard

    I think it's partly the letters that come from the Washtowel Slaveholdery. They make such a big deal about those announcements, and it is them that blows them out of proportion. Often, they make such a huge issue about something like the Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign (which they didn't even finish) or the NR37 Campaign (which failed to set off anything).

    As for us exaggerating the effects, I do think wishful thinking does enter the picture. There is always the hope that the next change will be the one that brings the Tower of Terror down, but chances are the witlesses are going to simply accept anything from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger as manna. Often, they will merely take the embarrassment or hardship that will come with the changes (as they will when they decide to make book study night into Field Circus Night.

  • nondescriptex

    Yes and No. It depends on the individual perspective, experience, and situation in life. One thing's for sure, it makes for interesting reading. Claim to be the only true religion, claim to be the only way to survive when the world ends any minute now, claim excessive control over people's lives, and yeah, someone's going to watch and comment on what you do, especially if they or their friends and family are stuck in it.

  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    No we are not hyper-sensitive to the changes. Remember, the truth NEVER changes. NEW LIGHT never does a 540 degree turn. New light would be applicable toward slight adjustments, not reversals.

    We are on point. The "hens are coming home too roost".

    I was baptized in 1982 as a teenager, so I think these changes are major.

    They are correcting the errors for our replacements.

  • odie67

    This really is a big deal. We were taught that this is the "truth" the absolute "truth". We were also always told how important the book study was...people have lost jobs because they didnt want to miss the book study. I have not accepted jobs because the work hours clashed with the book study. Now they are saying "oh times are hard so lets change things" someone asked the question in another post "why can't we make those decisions for ourselves?" I'm glad that there are people out there that is dedicated enough to do research and pass the information on. If it wasnt for this place...i would probably be deeply depressed or worse.... I no longer feel like i'm lost, i'm actually happy...i have things to work on but I feel free to work on myself and draw close to God without some fake mediator. Being a JW is burdensome... most JW's won't admit to it but deep down inside i know they wish they were free...not free to sin (like the borg would have you believe) but just free to live and be truly happy.

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