I can't donate blood

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  • noni1974

    Yes Breck they still do. I was asked once when I tried to donate plasma and was told I couldn't back them because of my ear rings. I think they told me you have to wait at least 6 months to a year afterwards. My holes in my ears were kinda new so they said I couldn't then.

    They also looked at my veins at that time and said they didn't know if they could do it then either because of small veins. They always use the smallest needle they can on me because of my small veins but I guess I never put 2 and 2 together before. I guess the needles are kind of big for donating blood and plasma.

  • blondie

    If it is a new tattoo, you probably will have to wait 6 months to a year, depending on the Red Cross (or other) policies.

    Good idea to drink lots of water before donating.

    If you can't donate, you can volunteer to be a helper in the after donating wait area.

  • Robdar

    The nurses have a hard time taking my blood too. I think it's because I was so deeply indoctrinated with the witness belief of abstaining from blood that my body rebels.

    Still, if I could, I would give blood. My blood is not acceptable for donation because I ate beef in England in 2000. Something to do with the mad cow disease they had at that time. If, in the future, I start stamping around like a mad heifer, please, somebody shoot me.

  • crazyblondeb

    Coming from a nurse, it helps ALOT if you are well hydrated, as already mentioned.

    As for having small veins....you usually have larger ones in the interior of the arm joint. Some nurses are good at hitting them, some are not. It took me years of practice, but I can usually hit them.

    If you know you have problems getting stuck, ask for an experienced nurse. If possible, and your in a hospital setting, insist on an ER or ICU nurse to come in. They are the best!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    At some hospitals, there are IV teams who are gifted in finding veins: I always loved them because they never hurt me. I got so used to having my blood drawn and IV's applied, that nothing bothered me. I used to have get IV iron treatments. They sent me to the chemo therapy clinic to get the iron. They would dig all around in the backs of my hands and apologize profusely for it. It hurt, I won't kid you but I would take it and tell them not to worry, I was used to it after having many,many IV's over the years due to hospitalizations for a chronic digestive disease. Thank goodness now that I've left the org., I go to doctor only for the normal things any 49 year old would. I'm a lot healthier.

    Yes, FHN, I did mean glasses, thank you. I was reading up on the latest gas prices on yahoo news and the word "gallons" flew off of my fingers...tee hee.

    That was cute.

  • zeroday

    I have been giving blood for about 2 years now...after the last time I gave I had my regular 3 month visit to my doctor for labs (I'm diabetic) my iron came back very low and he put me on iron pills twice a day...NOW being Male and never having low iron I was shocked to discover this...when I give blood the red cross says my iron is fine but the labs say other wise...my doctor wants me to refrain from giving blood till my next labs at the end of June...any comments from the resident nurses would be appreciated...also there is a history of aneamia (spelling?) in my family...

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