Overcoming deep depression....success stories??

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  • oompa
    Denise: Sometimes we spend so much time and energy dwelling on our history or plotting, planning and manipulating our future (or that of those close to us) that we completely miss all the life opportunities and happiness that exists and is our to take and enjoy right now. Sometimes we fight so hard to change something that the harder we force it, the harder it pushes back.

    Your entire post helped! This living in the past and worrying about the future definately gives me anxiety and kind of a frozen in life feeling.....I will try to work on "the now" more.........so glad you shared..................thanks...........oompa

  • AudeSapere
    Dinah wrote: Maybe a little ADD and a little FBTWT.

    Addention Deficit Disorder and F*cked by the Watch Tower ?

    Was I close??


  • oompa

    FBTWT???? I give up.........oomps..........

  • AudeSapere
    Oompa wrote: Your entire post helped! ........so glad you shared

    Oh! I'm really happy to know that. I really do understand the frozen in life feeling and still find myself there from time to time. It's a familiar place and I can stay there for a really long time if I choose to. Fortunately I usually choose to find something pleasant and I'm happier for it.

    Tonight I'm going to take myself to the beach and just enjoy the sound of the ocean. It's been too long since I've done that.

    I hope you have a nice evening.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Divorce. It's not always the right solution. Do you love her? You always will then.

  • Dogpatch

    wow, great story!

    my line:

    live in the present,

    tomorrow does not exist.


  • Jewel

    A few years ago, I actually felt despair because I knew that the children of suicides have a MUCH higher rate of suicide themselves. That meant, for me, that I had to keep plugging along to protect my children. I mean I was horrified with the fact that I had to go on...I was in so much emotional pain.

    I tried Zoloft really briefly, but have been on Paxil for years now. I self-adjust the dosage now and then, but really had to give it a good, consistent try before I started to notice that I was actually starting to feel like myself again.

    Some other stuff that helped: (1) walking: every day, briskly. Since I couldn't stand to listen to my own thoughts, I decided to work at memorizing stuff while walking and started with the songs and poetry in The Lord of the Rings. That kept my brain busy while my body was walking. (2) I started keeping a list of 10 things I was happy about/grateful for every day. Lots of the entries were very small: "the beauty of the sun sparkling on the water at the creek", "combing Katie's hair while we watched a movie" (Katie's my daughter). I know it sounds corny, but it made me start to notice good things. (3) getting up in the morning and getting sun in my eyes. I would get up and go out and fill the bird feeders. I didn't get this at the time, but have since read that sunshine on your photoreceptors stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. (4) Xanax. It knocks me out. When I was depressed, I would spend all day exhausted wishing I could curl up and sleep and then lie awake all night in a panic--panic about the fact that I was feeling panic. With Xanax, just knowing I had an option that would let me relax and sleep made it possible to relax and sleep. After the most acute part of the depression/anxiety, I hardly ever had to take it because I knew it was there if I needed it. If that makes any sense...

    And hopefully it helps to know that you're not alone in your feelings...


  • dinah

    You nailed it, Aude.

  • wings

    I'm not sure how this has helped oompa, but it sure has helped me. Thanks everyone!

  • whoknows

    So many good suggestions. First of all, we really, really feel for you. You have a lot of courage to take this stand re the "religion" without your wife, losing all social contact, and possibly, your marriage. This last year has been extremely difficult for us even though my husband and I are fading together. We have lost all of our friends. I would only add that it really helped me to contact some people who were close friends but were df'd in recent years so we had had no contact. Most I had not spoken to in over seven years. My husband and I have been able to rekindle these relationships and it has been really helpful. They have all been so happy to talk to us again. Is there anyone like that in your life? One guy we hadn't had any contact with in 24 years, and he was very happy to hear from us, plans a special trip to visit. These people really understand where you are coming from, plus you have some history with them. I realize as I read my post that this may be difficult if your wife won't have anything to do with them, but perhaps you could meet them somewhere yourself, or just re-establish contact somehow, by phone or email. Just remember that we all think you are a funny, smart and brave guy, and we care about what happens to you. I wish we could have you over for dinner. I am a pretty decent cook. If you are in L.A., let us know.

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