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  • wings

    I posted for the first time on JWD.

    Thank you for putting up with me, and for being there for me.

    What a difference a year makes..........

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

  • ex-nj-jw

    Happy JWD birthday


  • OnTheWayOut

    I posted for the first time on JWD.

    I hate to get technical, but you JOINED a year ago today.
    It seems you waited until May 5th to post your own thread as your first comment.

    And what a comment it was. You started out telling us everything. We like that.

    Apparently, Wings and I had a little disagreement in PM's back then. We saw things
    differently. Well that's all behind us now. It's even fuzzy in my memory because
    PM's don't stay up for a year. One day, over coffee, she will remind me how bitter
    I was a year ago and I will profusely apologize.

    HOW ABOUT AN update? A year ago, you were just starting your research. You said
    the fade was not an option for you.

    A year ago, you said:

    I need to disassoiate....
    I married a third generation witness, who even though he was disfellowshiped at the time, he was always very saturated in everything to do with the "truth". He was only out for 8 months, and has been on the straight and narrow ever since. He was raised by some of the most self-righteouses people I hope I will ever have to know. Anyway, the dumb piece comes in when I got baptised two years later in 1994, and the dumber piece fits just about every day after that. Even though I was trying to be sincere. Sometimes I think I did it just to show them I wasn't the pagen they all thought I was.

    You also mentioned your son:

    Four years ago my son became ill. Mentally. He dissappeared one day, and we got a call a week later from a trauma unit in another state. He had walked across an off ramp on a freeway and was hit by a car going 75mph.

    Just a few weeks ago, you had an update of sorts:

    My every day life is hard, but it is managable for now. It is what is in front of me where my real issues ly.

    I am facing a divorce. My husband's father is in the hospital very ill, might not make it. This has been going on for awhile, and I am holding back pushing forward with any of it until he gets through this. It could be awhile more if I stick to that. I have been seperated for 10 months. I can't see going back. I honestly don't want to go back. He wants me back, I have told him I don't want to, but he is still trying to prusuade me.

    I feel like I am still in fade mode. He knows that I don't want to be a JW, but doesn't know that I am opposed to their beliefs, and he doesn't know that I don't want my grandkids raised around it. Other than that, I feel that I will be punished (forever) for these new convictions of mine, in addition to being punished for leaving him. Not feeling like that is how I could live my life anymore. I DON"T KNOW WHY I can't tell him. It seems like it is just one thing or another, now his dad. I just lost my dad, and I have such empathy for him.

    Now I hate to make you cry, but perhaps one long comment of a total update
    would help us all to really get to know you. You started out fully open and this
    is the anniversary thread. Time to think back on what's happened in this year.
    I know your life is in the threads, but that's scattered about. How about just
    letting it all out and making your "Profile" update?

    If that's too much, I understand. But if you are up to it, take your time.
    Thanks, OTWO

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hi, Wings. I'm so glad you're here and that you and I have started a friendship. We have some big things in common. You're down to earth and I like you very much.

    Hey, congrats on the new big changes in your life lately. My life has some rather sucky things going on, a new development as of yesterday. But the sun is shining. It's such a lovely spring after all that snow and cold weather this winter. I do have prospects for change.

    We'll keep our chins up and we'll make it.

  • wings
    But if you are up to it, take your time.

    Will do, even if is just for you OTWO. You have been so helpful to me over this past year. I may not post as much as you, but I do read your posts. Those like you who take time to reach out to newbies really do make a difference. Just want you to know that

  • free2think

    Happy JWD Birthday Wings

  • wings
    You're down to earth and I like you very much.

    Back at you! Do you think it come from wallowing in the mud? BTW my good new went away, back to the mud. It is a beautiful day here too, lets see what we can do with it.

    My new avitar, courtesy of casper.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    So happy you are here to wings and that we have started to get to know each other as well. Really look forward to meeting you someday soon!


  • llbh

    Happy JWD Birthday wings

    Hope you can get through all youg problems without being tired out and remain yourself, it is hard i know bout i wish you well

    Regards David

  • snowbird

    I joined and posted 1 year ago today, also.

    I left the WT because I believe Jesus of Nazareth - whom I regard as our Savior - has nothing to do with that organization.

    I enjoy your posts, Wings.


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