the unabashed aggression of Scientology

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    thanks RD,

    yes, "what are your crimes?" is used by Scientologists on former Scientologists and opposers of the truth who picket their buildings. The watchtower does not have an equivalent to that. :-))

    for me, the adventure of Scientology started many years ago probably 1983, at a cult conference in Berkeley California in on Satanism deception and discernment as well as former conferences by the cult awareness network, which is now of course owned by Scientology. Due to their own aggressive tendencies as mentioned before, quite a story on its own. I remember the old cult awareness network, and it was full of WONDERFUL. Margaret Singer, Jolly West, Steven Hassan, Cynthia Kisser, and on. Really a really cool people like more so than you've ever seen in any other group.

    Bent Corydon was a former Scientologist who if I remember had his own ORG which is his own office. And I still have this experience on tape. He wrote a book on Scientology and they sued them to take the cover off the book which I believe was a volcano. And they succeeded, but the book came out anyway. I'm sure it was a financial loss to him, but thank God he did it. Then there was Monica Pinotti, and her experiences are on our exit counseling class on DVDs. Monica is another exceptional person with her testimony working on the sea org with L. Ron Hubbard - priceless.

    then years later, Tory and I met along with several other former Scientologists in her home. And we hit it off right away. Unfortunately I could not make their meetings and quit going. Love that girl. Will be a legend.

    I am using the stupid speech recognition software. Pardon me for my sloppiness

    I think I have read every book on Scientology watched every video and every newscast on a release most of them . Fascinating study on an aging phenomenon. More on that soon Randy

  • jaguarbass

    The Church of Scientologys headquarters is down the road from me in Clearwater.

    You can drive down Fort Harrison and Cleveland street and see them marching like mindless brain dead zombies. They never smile or talk with one another.

    They are trying to reach clear.

  • Dogpatch

    They are trying to reach clear.

    the amazing thing is that former Sci's recover so well. I think it's like Bethel.

    If you can survive that much BS and have a sense of humor, you will live forever.

    http://www.ArmageddonOkies.comGary's okies!

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    At least you don't generate a big IOU studying with the Witnesses to learn the "truth". Now the Scientologists will let you take classes by just signing a promissory note. I was as told by one new recruit over 20 years ago in Tampa, Florida, that he could work off his training debts by finding new recruits who "paid" for their classes.

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    Wow that is a crazed religion. What is with the obsession with the phrase "what are your crimes?"

    Here is another youtube. At 2 minutes the camera man meets three Scientologists that also repeat over and over "What are your crimes?" They have that same glassy eyed look Tom Cruise gets.

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    I worked, for about 18 months, in a Scientologist owned & operated company. The company used Hubbard Management Technology, which has many good points, but too many negative points. The training program was incredibly detailed, even down to the point of making clay models to demonstrate your knowledge of the tasks you were to perform. The breaking point for me happened when, two weeks after placing an inter-office memo against proselytizing in our mailboxes, pamphlets from The Way of Happiness were placed in the same boxes. I complained to the VP of HR, and two days later another memo was circulated which stated that the pamphlet was not considered proselytizing. I laughed, and walked out. Two weeks later I was dragged into a meeting with the VP of HR on trumped up charges of damaging company reputation (a long story), that my own supervisor said was without merit. This was considered a five-point infraction. Two of these and your are terminated. One week later I got my second five-point infraction, and was terminated. When I spoke with a lawyer about wrongful termination, he told me that it was pointless, since I had signed a binding arbitration agreement. He then told me that the arbitration company was linked to Scientology. I thanked him for his assistance and moved on. You can tell if a company uses Hubbard Management Technology if you see a huge Organization Board, which details the corporate structure of the company down to the most mundane task. They may also use the Personality Test (which you can ace if you are Google savvy), along with other Hubbard Management Technology.

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    Tom Cruise? anyone?

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