My Parents are here

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  • LovesDubs

    They took down your CROSS??? How old are you again? Did they check to make sure you are wearing tighty whiteys and not thongs too? Did they make sure your car has four doors and not two? Did they make sure your shoes are low and suitable for field service and your watchtower is properly highlighted and underlined?

    Oh man.... a few years ago my husband took all of his JW books off the shelf in the living room book case and stacked them all over our bedroom. When I asked what the hell he was doing he said "your apostate books are all over those shelves and I dont want the DEMONS getting into my literature!!"

    After I stood there for awhile in stunned silence...I said..."Do you think my Demons are that STUPID that they cant find your books in here on the floor ?" I had to leave the room after that...I didnt even want to hear if he replied it was so stupid LOL!!

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