What will today bring?

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  • VoidEater

    Today is a vacuum within which I choose to be happy or sad.

    Today brings a disappointment that every time I look, I feel an unseen positive force in the universe - and my mind thinks it would be so much simpler if I didn't derive comfort from that belief.

    Today will bring night at the end of it, a glorious dark and quiet within which to rest.

  • oompa

    OMG voideater, I have been telling my jwife that is my favorite time of the day for weeks! not good.................oompa

  • Bring_the_Light

    QUOTED "I dunno. My day started fine and then my JW wife starts talking about the new "CBS" on Thursday's and having another "free" night all because of gas prices.

    Well, I immediately got a little fired up and mentioned that if the GB really gave a rats a$$ about gas prices it would be implemented immediately. Then that opened up a whole nother can a worms from twisted bible scriptures, pedophilia, WTBTS being a multi-million dollar business, etc...

    She dropped me off at work and went to work herself, we commute together. I hope she picks me up...It's a long walk! She did call tho and seemed to be in a good mood.

    Time will tell....

    Quirky1 "

    Sweet lying whore with a bastard child!! I have a friend who is lying to their family which is about 200 miles away, about still being a witness for about 10 years now. I thought that was nuts. I can't even imagine living in a house with one!!! I went around "visiting" witnesses, even that was a major strain on my emotions. I feel for ya brotha'.

  • Bring_the_Light

    I hope nobody finds this offensive, but I just need to put this out there:

    I feel terrible, until I look around for somebody to envy, and there is nobody. Basically, I'm not at all satisfied, settled or happy by any stretch, but here I'm talking to people with JW wives, I don't want to be them, suicides, I've felt bad enough, never actually would do it there's always 'something" to do before you go, I sometimes get in the mood to people-watch and each one I weigh as 'I'd rather be them/have their life" or not, I haven't found ANYBODY that I like more than me or that I think has it better than me (that nobody is better or smarter than me is a given ). That I guess, means I'm happy.

    I still feel like I've over-thought myself a bit. Its lonely when you can see everyone else's illusions (worldlings have them too, not just dubs) and you're looking for magic in someone else. Where are all the Lucid people? Finding them, that would be a good day. Today, I'm just wandering around looking at the same old storybook and I don't feel like pretending that I haven't already read it.

  • Carmel

    It's going to be tough on the tour of the Grand Canyon tomorrow, but alas, I will struggle to make it a pleasant experiance... actually, waking up and seeing the cloudless sky, knowing I'm still sucking air, have my health, sufficient funds, a set of good friends and the respect of my peers.... any day is a good one! Hope your's is rewarding and fulfilling... ' carmel

  • Quirky1

    She picked me up!


  • Hortensia

    sorry you all are having such a tough time. You're right, if you don't try, it won't be a good day. However, it's pretty hard to try sometimes. Right now I am reading a book by Kim Robinson, about Nepal and the Yeti, which is really funny. It's called Escape from Kathmandu. Helps me get my mind off stuff.

  • wings
    Helps me get my mind off stuff.

    If you concentrate on the "fluff" JWD works for that too. I am glad Quirky1 got home last night.....he had me worried.


  • Hortensia

    (rattling tin cup on the cell door bars)More fluff! More fluff! More fluff!

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