Old JW memories.

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  • nicolaou

    With all the talk about the Book Study recently I couldn't help recalling the old 'group' we used to go to from about 1970. I remember the smell of those books, the drone of the study conductor and the struggle - often in vain - to keep my eyes open.

    I remember my old ministry briefcase and the kitchen of the sister where we used to meet for field service. She was my best friends Mum. I can still feel the biting wind at Twickenham conventions and the overheated, dehydrating stuffiness of Bowes Rd Assembly Hall.

    I remember shuffling the snow with my shoes at the doors of homes I didn't want to be at. I was 'getting my hours in'. I remember an awful lot of faces - young and old - and most of them were likeable and I thought they were my friends.

    This is where I came from, maybe you did too.

    I'm glad I've moved on and I'd be happy to do what I can in exposing the hypocrisy of the Watchtower and helping others to get out but; I don't want to get too bitter.

    But it isn't easy when my JW family go out of their way to avoid me, when any association we do have is a stunted, awkward charade.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open
    I can still feel the biting wind at Twickenham conventions and the overheated, dehydrating stuffiness of Bowes Rd Assembly Hall.

    I went to Twickenham once, and Bowes Road many times. The ceiling was quite interesting; I looked at the patterns for quite some time. Did you ever go to the park up the road at lunchtimes? It was quite nice there. Was a shame we had to go back for the afternoon session.

    Did you see the hall post-refurbishment? It's a lot less stuffy now.

    If one can avoid being bitter that's got to be a good thing. Sorry your family's contact isn't very good at the moment, and hope you can break down their fears.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I remember the biting wind in the stadium in San Francisco called Candlestick Park. The convention went till 8 at night, we were covered in blankets at night and roasted alive during the day. We were there for the first drama that echoed throughout the park. We couldn't understand a word. W.Once

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    I remember Twickenham before they did the stadiums and the old dust track that used to be around the stadium, and when the wind blew it used to blow dust right in your face.

    And the seats right by the edge of the playing field that were just a big aluminium bench, where, when it rain, as it seem to nearly every year, with a torrential downpour, and the fact that there was no roof for that part of the stadium, and there was always the die hard family that thought that it would be cleaver and brought a gigantic sheet of clear plastic which they would throw over the top of themselves, while everyone else had had the sense to move back into the stadium. I just used to think " you idiots!". Bet they bricked it when the thunder used to crack…..

    Bowes road, yes that place used to make your eyes dry. Funny you say about the ceiling Eyes Open; when I was bored, I used to look up there as well (after I had stopped fighting with my brother over the armrest that was between the two of us) and I used to imagine what it would be like to be hanging onto that little vent thing in the middle, and wondered how long I could hold up there till I fell. Sounds a bit suicidal, but that is what goes through your mind when you are half way through the second part of the afternoon symposium. Two days of that and then back to school on Monday. What a waist of life…..

  • WTWizard

    What I most remember are the times when things went wrong. I liked fogging up the windows. I liked those rainy days when I got to sit in the car while everyone else was on a call, watching raindrops coalesce on the windows. And when they got soaking wet in a sudden downpour, especially when they were not prepared.

    The big boasting sessions were not all that memorable. The only exception was when they had to cancel a Great Boasting Session for snow, both days, when we got a blizzard.

  • BluesBrother

    When I left Southern England some years back, Bowes Road was scheduled for demolition and they were searching for a new site in the Home Counties, I gather that all that fell through if it is had been refurbed..We went to the new Assembly Hall at Haysbridge Surrey..I have some memories of the construction of that..although my contribution was limited to tea making in the cafeteria for the workers.

    Real Circuit Assemblies were the ones of childhood . Three day affairs at a hired school hall or town hall with army style field kitchens knocking up dinners for everybody. I did a lot of washing up and tray fetching...There was an effort to involve all the kids in volunteer jobs - that no longer happens.

    The programmes were much more theatrical since the D/O could do with it what he liked and they tried hard to make it entertaining as well as teaching..

    Happier Days

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Yes, it really was a very interesting ceiling.

    I got baptised there.


    You live and learn.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic
    my contribution was limited to tea making in the cafeteria for the workers.

    That was you was it.....?? Your tea sucked....!!!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I remember the hot Columbia South Carolina days and how we had to roll the windows down with the air at full blast...it defied logic to me at the time. It really was that hot though. I also remember trying to stick a McDonald's Monopoly piece (Park Place) on the wall and it dropping and me not caring, then a week later getting Boardwalk needing that piece to win. My million dollar ticket, lost at a fucking District Convention...how poetic.

  • Hope4Others
    I remember my old ministry briefcase

    I can certainly say that my shoulder feels a heck of a lot better. I used to load my bag with so many books & booklets for

    the "Just in case scenarios". I still have the leather bag I had it engraved with my name and a design put on it. I have saved it

    to remind myself of how glad I am it is permanently parked.



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