Austrian man admits holding daughter captive

by Lady Lee 22 Replies latest social current

  • FreedomFrog

    He is one SICK B*stard!! I heard he may only have to serve 15 years for this. WTF!!!!!!!!! He deserves the death penalty for this!

    What if he would have one would have known they were in that cellar and they all would have died! Thank god one of his kids/grandkids was able to get help at the hospital and save them all. Unreal that the wife had no idea!!

    I thought the same thing...though, thinking about it, if they did give him the death penalty he's getting off easy that way. What they should do is treat him like he treated them and not let him see the sun for 24 to life in a dungeon setting in a cramped up space. He shouldn't have the pleasure of having even a cell as a room...a prison cell is still too much of a luxury for what he's done.

  • beksbks

    My Grandfather would say, he should have his balls nailed to the floor, and the house set on fire. I must agree.

  • GermanXJW

    This has also happened in other countries. Lydia Gouardo lives in France and was raped by her father for 28 years. Despite she looked for outside help, nobody cared and they brought her back to the perpetrator. Even when she told the doctors when giving birth to her six kids that her (step-)father is the father. Everyone in her village knew but they did nothing. She was not free before the perpetrator died.

    Lydia Gouardo has recently commented on the Austrian case. French press generally leaves this out. It is about pointing fingers but keep your own home clean. It is like the Watchtower. It is disgusting.

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