Austrian man admits holding daughter captive

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  • FreedomFrog

    Hi LadyLee, I've been following this story since last night...I agree, this is extremely sick...

    I have a real problem with the idea that the wife had no idea her husband was keepin ghis daughter downstairs.

    From what the article said last night, he had control over his wife (through mental and physical abuse) that when he told her not to go near the cellar she "obeyed".

    Who bought the clothes? Who bought the food? Diapers? What about paying for the extra heat required down in the cell where they lived?

    There was a toilet, a tub, a sink. I can hear when my neighbors flush the toilet or fill the tub with water. Couldn't she hear these things? How could she NOT know? Or was the vault so sound proof that running water could not be heard?

    The article from last night said that it was sound proof and they were investigating to see how sound proof it was. I was thinking last night...but how did he sound proof it without people knowing?

    My speculations are, (this is assuming the mother is actually innocent) that he constructed it while she was out of the house. The thing with that would be, how would the neighbors not know...though, him constructing something may have not been that "big" of a deal since people do work on their houses from time to time.

    She had to know when he went down there or disappeared for a while/ Wouldn't you be curious what he was doing down there?

    Where did she think he got those 3 babies from that he got her to raise? A note that they were from her daughter who didn't want them?

    He could have went during the time his wife was out...(speculations only)

    As far as the 3 babies are concerned...apparently (from what the article said) his daughter tried to run away when she was 15? or 18? years old because he had abused her. She left a letter saying she was leaving and not to look for her. He hand cuffed her in the cellar and hence this all started. He used her letter and told police she had ran off to be with a cult and he had no idea where she went to. When she had one of the babies (I think it said in '94) he made it look like she had "dropped" the baby at their door and so the creep and his wife "adopted" the baby...he did this two other times hence making it possible for them to "adopt" the three. There was a total of 7 but one baby died at an infant of the twins... (now this makes me sick) he tossed it in the furnace.

    The child that ended up being sick was one of the ones living upstairs, going to school, playing musical instruments...then when she fell sick they HAD to get to the real mother (the one stuck in the dungeon whom supposedly had ran off to a cult) he had to bring her up in order to save one of the ones that was living up around them.

    I'll try to find that article from last is VERY sick and disturbing...from what the article said, they were physically healthy other than they were extremely pale. I can't imagine how they are going to help her mentally though.

    She had agreed to help the police (not sure if it was saving the other child or what...) if they kept him away from her and made sure her children were safe...So sad!

  • GermanXJW

    Police says they have no reason to believe that the wife was in the know. The perpetrator is said to be highly intelligent having woven a net of lies and deceit.

  • FreedomFrog

    This is not the one I read last night...but this has a bit more info...

    Another child born in the basement died shortly after its birth due to lack of medical care. The other three, Lisa (15), Monica (14) and Alexander (12) lived in the house, attended the local school, and appeared to be normal. Josef allegedly told his wife that their daughter had run away to join a cult and had left the babies on the doorstep of the house. He produced a letter allegedly from her, which was quoted in the Austrian press: "Don't try to find me, it would be pointless and would increase my suffering and the suffering of my children. Also too much education and too many children are unwanted there."
  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    This whole story is so bizarre - how twisted must this man be!!!

    I cannot believe that he could only serve 15 years - he should be commited for life for this!

    I wonder how those children are doing and what the extent of their illnesses is?

  • FreedomFrog
    I cannot believe that he could only serve 15 years - he should be commited for life for this!

    Not only for life...but in the same situations as he put his daughter and 3 grandkids(, I take that back...he should have to live in a bit worse of a conditions. So what if that is "cruel and unusual punishment".....he did it to them!

  • FreedomFrog

    Well, I can't find the original article from last's April 28th in the Yahoo news...I don't know how to look for yesterdays news...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Being in an apartment building I can see he might have been better able to hide it from his wife.

    But the planning and the work to keep this big a secret.

    The psychological damage to the kids who come out of the cellar. I think the adjustment will be overwhelming and they may not have the skills to deal with such a massive change.

    They might need to allow the children access to the cellar which ha been home to them for their entire lives. Not to lock them in but to allow them to retreat to the solitude if and when they need it

  • sammielee24

    I watched an interview on this just in the past hour - the doctors said that the reunion between the mother, her daughter and all the grandkids went really well. They are all in the same facility. The oldest kid is in another hospital. They showed a picture of the apartment - the family lived on the top floor and the entire middle floor was rented out. The basement had a utility room in it where the door was somewhere. The police have said there is no reason to believe that the mother knew anything. They showed a walk through of the whole basement - a living room with hot plates and television, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a padded room. I'm not certain why the guy would only get 15 years myself - the police said that by law the kids do not actually exist so they have to come up with names for them, including last names. Very sad case. sammieswife.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    And not to mention the fact that none of these children should ever have children of their own, because of the incest!

  • babygirl75

    He is one SICK B*stard!! I heard he may only have to serve 15 years for this. WTF!!!!!!!!! He deserves the death penalty for this!

    What if he would have one would have known they were in that cellar and they all would have died! Thank god one of his kids/grandkids was able to get help at the hospital and save them all. Unreal that the wife had no idea!!

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