The reason for the change, my opinion.

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  • joebin

    I agree that if they were to cut an activity to reduce the workload the bookstudy was the one to go because of the possibility of apostate thinking being introduced, with less control. Since they don't have much to write home about anymore, it makes it even easier for them. A couple of cut and paste and we're good to go.

    Although they try to remove the words fun and socialize from their vocabulary, I'm sure the majority of the R&F just can't wait for 2009, so they can actually socialize and get a bit more of a life. Good for them.

    It's been an interesting couple of weeks. It's been fun to have seen the light

  • still_in74

    I think the decision was made because elders were starting to really feel the pinch and maybe many were considering giving their resignation due to the heavy workload involved. With the new arrangement, not only do they have one less meeting to get ready for a week but also less preparation for the remaining ones. I don't think the org can afford to lose too many elders.

    I'm happy for all of them that somehow they finally got a little slack.

    i made a similar comment in another thread. i agree. They need elders and they need to retain elders. Our DO talked about this at recent assembly. 20,000 new elders needed every year! Not likely with all the young boys leaving as soon as they turn 18....

  • BluesBrother

    Funny how they change their tune.


    6/04p.4 The Congregation BookStudy —Why We Need It***

    In 1895, study groups of the Bible Students, as Jehovah’s Witnesses were then called, came to be known as Dawn Circles for Bible Study. Volumes of MillennialDawn were used as the basis for study. Later, these meetings were called Berean Circles for Bible Study. (Acts 17:11) Often a group of moderate size met in a private home on an evening convenient to the group. These meetings were the forerunners of the Congregation Book Study. Since book study groups are purposely kept small, there is greater opportunity for those in attendance to make expressions of their faith. The result is "an interchange of encouragement . . . , each one through the other’s faith."—Rom. 1:12


    km6/94p.1par.1 CongregationBookStudy Promotes Educational Activities***

    The Congregation Book Study plays a vital role in the educational program of Jehovah’s organization

    I wonder if the name change is significant? A "Bible Study" may not need a new study book every two years or so. They could concentrate on printing cheaper campaign literature. That is all that I can think of. I am sure that this is the biggest mistake they have made . Just going to meeting at the Hall does not draw you into the Cong. After all, how many will invite you back for a cup of tea and a chat???

  • Frank75
    Just going to meeting at the Hall does not draw you into the Cong. After all, how many will invite you back for a cup of tea and a chat???

    I agree. The WT has just ended one the few places that some JW misfits felt the only kinda warmth that exists in most congregations. It also represents one of the only ways many of such ever see the inside of another members home.

    By misfits I do not mean to denigrate anyone, just refer to the ones usually left out of the social gatherings for the dubs who are upwardly mobile, power brokers, business or youthful types in the org.


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