Older generation JW's are being sacrificed by the Society? Why?

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    LongHairGal, you make a good point about inheritances bequeathed to the Watchtower. Still, the future lies with its younger members and I suspect this is just a part of ongoing maneuvers to try and retain them.

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    Just thought it would be useful to get a few of these quotes down for the record.



    The Congregation Book Study has been designed to help us study and apply God’s Word and in this way grow in wisdom and spiritual comprehension. Regularly attending the Congregation Book Study, therefore, should be an integral part of our personal program for acquiring wisdom

    *** km3/86p.3TheCongregationBookStudy***




    The Congregation Book Study fills a vital need in our spiritual progress. We should all hold it in high esteem. If some regularly miss this meeting, could it be that they regard it as less important than the other meetings?




    Each of us derives many benefits from the Congregation Book Study.

    *** km12/80p.1PartII—CongregationMeetings:TheImportanceoftheCongregationBookStudy***


    1 Each member of the congregation can derive great personal benefit from the congregation book study arrangement. In some respects, it provides benefits that do not directly come through some other provision of the congregation. Why is that so?

    2 It is because the congregation book study arrangement not only provides a careful and detailed study of Bible subjects, but also incorporates personal assistance and shepherding benefits, along with counsel, encouragement and direction for carrying out our individual responsibilities in the Kingdom-preaching work.

    *** km12/78p.3ShowingAppreciationfortheCongregationBookStudy***


    1 Meetings in private homes could well be the oldest and most widely attended of Christian gatherings. In apostolic times groups of Christians met in private homes to discuss God’s Word. (Philem. 2) And today, besides the tens of thousands of congregation book study groups, we find in many of the 46 lands where the work is banned that small groups of our brothers are meeting in private homes for Bible study. This, in fact, is the only kind of meeting possible in many of these lands.

    2 The congregation book study is usually in a private home. How do you feel about this meeting? Are you taking full advantage of this provision, or do you regard it as less important than the other meetings? Lower attendance at the book study in many congregations would indicate that some feel this way. What about you?

    *** km2/93p.1CooperatingWithOurCongregationBookStudyConductor***


    1 The Congregation Book Study plays a vital role in the development of our abilities as ministers of the good news. The groups are purposely kept small to encourage a warm, familylike atmosphere for study of the Bible and one of the Society’s publications. These smaller units also provide ideal conditions for training us to be more effective in the field ministry. Personal encouragement and attention are readily available to individuals through the book study arrangement. How can we cooperate fully with the conductor and benefit from this fine provision?

    *** km1/83p.1par.2AssistingOthersThroughtheCongregationBookStudy***

    2 Through the Congregation Book Study, elders can give more personal attention to each individual’s spiritual growth—something that may be difficult to do at larger meetings.

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    I'd say you're right except for their days being numbered. They'll find a way to keep the kids. Nobody really knows how many are in just to keep the parents happy, but while they're in it's not like they're rebellious or even cynical. They still donate, they still con their kids into it.

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