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  • Blueblades

    Legal has a set of books called "WORDS and PHRASES", the society also likes to use words and phrases whenever they make a change and want to make an impact on the rank and file. "Shortly take place", "Fast approaching", "Draw nearer to the great tribulation", "Satan's anger". How many times have they used such phrases to explain why they are making a change?

    This meeting adjustment has nothing to do with those words and phrases. Legal is guiding the Governing Body to avoid anymore legal issues that they already have stacked up against them.

    Remember, the watchtower recently taught that the anointed have no more spiritual understanding then the rank and file has.


  • sir82

    I also wondered whether the new "Congregation Bible Study" might eventually be more "Biblical," at least in form, focusing on sequential commentary of a Bible text, and substituting to the Bible readings and "highlights" (if that's the right English word, and if the arrangement still exists) in the TMS.

    Good Lord, you give them far too much credit...."sequential commentary of a Bible text"? These guys who have built up a whole theology out of 20 or 30 scattered, isolated Biblical verses? Ain't going to happen!

  • Narkissos


    I'm not quite as naïve as to think of honest Bible reading and comments.

    Tho I think the introduction of sequential Bible reading and "highlights" into the TMS schedule (in the late 70s if I'm not mistaken), as well as the Commentary on the Letter of James and another book on 1 Peter (I don't remember the title) around that time, were steps in the right direction (of course that was before the Brooklyn "apostasy").

    But formally, even the goofy stuff in more recent books (on Revelation, Daniel and Isaiah, maybe other Bible books) suits the pattern of a sequential Bible commentary (verse by verse), making it look like a Bible study more than thematic books. Currently I don't expect anything better, unfortunately.

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  • WTWizard

    Lighten your load? Who the fxxx do they think they are fooling? I am looking for an upcoming Kingdumb Misery article to tell people that they need to make that a field circus evening, now that we have the night off. The hounders know that the witlesses are off that evening, and therefore should spend the whole time out in field circus. That will waste even more gas than just a boasting session would have, plus it will tell us what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger's idea of "family time" is (more field circus).

  • Finally-Free

    I'm surprised they didn't suggest the publishers™ fuel savings could go into the congregations donation boxes. Maybe that's for a future service meeting.


  • Terry

    First thoughts....

    When a politician faces trouble of some serious nature and will have to face consequences of an undesirable sort there is a precendent to follow that gets them out of harm's way while maintaining a false front of dignity and integrity which is above the fray.

    The politician announces that they are quitting/leaving to "spend more time with their family..." (Cut and run and hide!)

    This dodge is transparent because of two things.

    1.The trouble they are in is something they don't want to face up to. Diversion is necessary. Deflection is key.

    2.The politician has spent their whole political life putting family second and now, suddenly--they are all concerned about "quality" time!

    How does this thought apply to the Meeting "adjustment"?

    The Watchtower study never changes anything unless events, pressures or crises drags them kicking and screaming into a new mode of operation.

    There are three kinds of pressure which kicks Governing Body ass.

    1.Legal pressure

    2.Letters of complaint/queries about policy

    3.Statistical flux (the numbers are alarming (i.e. too many disfellowshipped, field service down, etc.)

    I notice in the announcement that the word ARMAGEDDON is replaced by GREAT TRIBULATION. This demonstrates a sensitivity to crying wolf as they've done so many times past.

    Cutting back on ANYTHING is stunning in a "push! push! PUSH!" organization like Jehovah's Witnesess. It is quite telling!

    What can we logically conclude?

    Since the terminology has been changing in recent times (Watchtower Society is becoming extinct) Book Study transformation into Bible Study stands out above the rest.

    Let's take a closer look at this.

    BOOK STUDY is an admission you are studying one of the Watchtower concoctions and that you really aren't, per se, studying scripture.

    This has been the thumping "Tell-tale Heart" throughout the history of this religion. Pastor Russell's writings were said to communicate the Truth much faster and surer than sitting down with your own bible!

    The constant sounding of false-porophecy alarms about Armageddon (always exaggerated and always proved wrong!) have made the Chicken Little campagin to urge More! More! More! activity an empty slavery to statistics.

    With the advent of the Internet everything became a tight focus by outsiders who could FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME see all the evidence of cult activity brought into sharp view with all the details fully exposed to prying eyes!

    Every false move on the part of the Watchtower's Governing Body is trumpeted, examined, discussed and widely publicized now with lightning speed. An accumulation of bad policies has made the rank and file chafe under the yoke like whipped oxen.

    I think what we have here is a PERFECT STORM of bad publicity, letter writing, phone calls, questions to travelling elders, and murmurring unrest being DEALT WITH by putting a good face on it.

    This crooked politician wants to "spend more quality time with the family" and is stepping down, so to speak.

    What is the real message?

    Here is what I think it actually is:

    "We, the Evil Slave, have been beating you for a long time now and we've been caught doing it! This is embarassing!

    To insure that we shake off this bad publicity---we are going to appear to back off from thrashing you and urging you ever onward to the cartoon climax of End Times carrot and stick persuasion.

    We are going to put on our sheep's clothing even though we remain the ravenous wolves we always were.

    Our Book Study obviously screams "Apologetics"---so, we are going to pretend we only teach the Bible.

    Stop complaining, moaning and groaning. This empty gesture of mercy on our part is all you are ever going to get from us as we find a new and more subtle way to continue the beatings."

    I think that is closer to the bull's eye.

  • BurnTheShips
    I also wondered whether the new "Congregation Bible Study" might eventually be more "Biblical," at least in form, focusing on sequential commentary of a Bible text, and substituting to the Bible readings and "highlights" (if that's the right English word, and if the arrangement still exists) in the TMS.

    If it were a commentary as you theorize, that would mean they would need to print fewer new books.

    A cost cutting measure maybe?


  • snowbird
    The Governing Body is fully aware of the mounting pressures that YOU, the Lord’s precious sheep, are experiencing. Like the first century Governing Body we wish to add no further burden to you, except what is necessary. Therefore, after prayerful consideration we have decided to take steps tolighten your load by adjusting the weekly schedule for congregation meetings.

    Doesn't the Governing Body consider itself the Lord's precious sheep, also?

    How could I have been so blind so as to not notice this before now?

    May the Lord continue to open the eyes and unstop the ears of all!


  • JK666

    How many decades did we hear the crap about how the Book Study was our first line of defense when the Great Tribulation comes. The new arrangement flies in the face of all that counsel. Bovine excrement!


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