Update on Husband...

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  • cognac

    This is really torture sometimes...

    He made a run for it from this site, went out in service for 2 days and is back into full-fledge more JW...

    That totally sucks... Ackkk... I wouldn't care so much if he wanted to be a JW, it's just he's always pressuring me to be it also and live my everyday life the way that he wants to me to live it. I feel like I'm being totally controlled... Today I rebelled and told him I wanted to get a tatoo, lol... Yes, I know, I'm really immature sometimes... He knew I was kidding though...

    This is not going to happen like this forever. I'm going to switch halls soon and really fade...

    Anywho, this sucks. Can't live like this forever, it's crazy...

    PS. I responded on that picture thread, but I think most people stop the reading part of it after awhile and just look at the pictures... So, in light of that, does anyone have a myspace account? Well, if ya do, send me a pm and we can add eachother...

  • TheListener

    Sorry to hear that Cognac. It seems that dubs go back and forth like rubber bands. Give him some time and perhaps he will tire of his new zealousness.

    Just remember to keep yourself happy, even though that's tough to do.

  • flipper

    Thanks for the update as we are all pulling for you !I agree with the previous poster that witnesses tend to flip flop a lot from being zealous to having doubts at times. So, hang in there sis ! Just keep your own independence and your own mind - he is trained by the organization to " take the lead " in "controlling" er, " training " his family so he just is mind controlled like the rest. Be patient - in time everything will work out my friend

  • cognac
    Just remember to keep yourself happy, even though that's tough to do.

    Yes, that can be difficult if you feel you have to be secretive... I don't like hiding things...

  • cognac

    Thanks Mr. Flipper.

    What a pain in the neck this whole religion thing is...

  • misanthropic

    I'm sorry to hear that- just do what you have to do and hopefully in time he'll realize everything you see now or at least be thinking about things. My heart goes out to you, I've never been in your situation but I know it must be very difficult for you.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hey Kiddo, this is par for the course from what I gather from reading posts here. Like anything else, we all have moments of regret, then enlightenment. A seed has been planted, and it needs time to sprout and grow. If it can it will.

    Be well and best wishes.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    It's hard to quit...be patient like a good Witness would, and with tactfullness, and time, he will come over to the dark side of the Force my young apprentice.....my wife, no meetings or field service for a year now except for memorial she was such a Witness freak...in anger smashed a fry pan on my car for not going to the meeting one Friday night! What a change! I played "Double Agent" for years!!!

  • yknot

    I am so sorry Cognac......

    JW hubby and unbelieving wife is harder then the usual reverse.

    Women get to throw themselves under headship clause but for men it is like spiritual castration, no privileges ever.

    I think he is just in denial and trying to erase or lessen things he has learned. It is scary to hear and consider that everything you believe is built on lie. Perhaps you could reach out to him by suggesting yall fully participate in newly arranged family study night, but use only the Bible (2 translations) and the interlinear. If you are really feeling bold I guess you could suggest reading from 1917-1943 to really see the development of doctrine and how there is no way 1918-1919 was significant other then da' Judge getting his butt tossed in the slammer. I believe the court transcripts are on lulu.com for free.

    ebbs and tides.......such is all marriages

  • Eliveleth

    Hi Honey,

    I think it is predictable. When a JW hears the things about the WT and even for a moment starts

    to think, they start doubling their efforts to being a "good witness". I think they feel it will stop

    their doubts if they throw themselves into meetings and service.

    I have a friend, a Chistian, in New Mexico that has been married to an elder for over 25 years.

    There are times when they will take off in their RV and travel (staying at Air Force Bases because

    he is a vet) and just have a wonderful time with no arguments about the WT. But when they get

    home, he goes to the meetings and goes gung-ho again. Needless to say she is very frustrated

    and she says at times he gets emotionally abusive.

    I would love to share MySpace with you. Mine is: myspace.com/grammavelta

    I love you, Honey, Just hang in there,Put all your worries in the hands of Jesus and

    he will give you peace and joy in the midst of the storm.

    Gramma Velta

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