Response in the UK to announcement?

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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Come on guys - we're over in the US and BluesBrother seems to be the only one who has commented on the reaction to the announcement in the UK. Any other reactions from the friends? Surely you've all had your meetings by now?

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Currently waiting for my family to tell me, and trying to decide how to respond. Will not let on I knew already as I don't want them thinking I'm that interested. May ask them what they think of that and mention Hebrews 10:25.

    By the way, we don't call them "the friends". :) (Wow that sounds spooky.)

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    LOL Eyes Open, I call them 'the friends' and I'm from London!!

    Look forward to an update.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    :) But you didn't call them that when you were over here, did you?

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    A lot changes when you've been out for a year....

  • Switch

    Nobody talked about it after the meeting. The watchtower article was conveniently about being flexible and accepting what our leaders tell us. Coincidence?

  • fokyc

    At 2 day assembly in Bristol Assembly Hall, near Bristol, UK.

    The announcement was left to the very last instant, the brother had already announced which song and who was giving the closing prayer - when DO was introduced again to read a special letter from the governing body.

    To save gas and allow more family study, there would be more schedules issued for this, it couldn't be implimented before end of this year.

    Sister fokyc reckons it is wonderful idea, she would of course! As everybody wanted to make a quick get away and a violent rainstorm came, there was little time to gain more reactions.


  • Lo

    No one from my hall (In Ireland) texted me to see why I wasn't there so I don't know how it went down there.

  • Sirona

    I went to my mother's house today....she said she'd been to the meeting...

    ME: "Oh did you have your special announcement?"

    HER ((with a totally SHOCKED expression and a long pause ...)) "HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT???!!!"

    I didn't reply I just gave her a wry smile.

    HER: "Where did you hear about it? Tell me"

    ME: "Did you have the announcement?"

    HER: "I will tell you about it if you tell me where you heard about it....was it on the internet?"

    ME: "Yes. Its the bookstudy change isn't it?"

    HER: "Yes. " (((still looking totally shocked)))

    ME: "I knew about it nearly 2 weeks ago. In fact i've seen a scan of the letter that was read out"



  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Nice one Sirona!

    When I was 'in' I used to love getting the Watchtower and Awake early (mag servant!) and dropping hints to others about what was in there. Used to gloat about the new release if I knew about it first - soooooooo saaaaaaad I know!

    Nice to turn the tables on them though - I bet your mum was really surprised!

    I said to Bubble (wifey) who still sees and speaks to her JW sister, that she should tell her all about the change to the meetings as soon as we found out weeks ago. She said that she didn't want her sister knowing that she was looking on the internet about the Wittos.

    Anyway Sweet Pea and Besty - How are you?

    How's life in SoCal?

    Really enjoyed meeting you both in London.

    If you want to keep in touch, pm either of us and we'll provide emali addresses etc.

    All the best.

    SAB and Bubble

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