Do you think the legal department is behind the book study change?

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  • lookingnow25

    I have this theory :

    I think that they are already prepared to change the 144,000 doctrine in a major way. Either it's not a literal #, or maybe revert back to the 2 parts of heaven theory from way back. When this change is made sometime in the next five years they will need very close and tight control over the congregations. Eliminating small groups is the first step in that.

    Out there, I know.


  • DaCheech

    this is a good legal issue.

    on the other hand this is the only meeting that can be cut, and donations would not affected

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The legal dept. their newly anointed group of decision makers

  • BizzyBee

    Let me be perfectly clear - the Legal Department is behind everything. No exceptions.

  • crazyblondeb
    Let me be perfectly clear - the Legal Department is behind everything. No exceptions.

    What she said.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sir82

    I'm not sure about "legal liability" being the primary driver here. There are still going to be congregation-sanctioned meetings for field circus in private homes.

    My suspicion is that this is step 1 in eliminating COs - I believe it was poster Slimboyfat who had that idea.

    With just one midweek meeting per week, the CO visit could be compacted into a long weekend. Congregation meeting Friday night, field circus Saturday morning, meet with pioneers early Saturday afternoon, meet with elders & MS late Saturday afternoon, Sunday congregation meeting & it's over.

    Thus, you could have someone serve as a CO....who holds a 40 hour job working Monday - Friday!

    No more CO car lease, car insurance, health insurance, expense reimbursement, nothing.

    My bet is that this is their long term plan - strictly a cost-cutting measure.

    Legal liability certainly does drive some changes - but far more often, I believe the root reason is "how can we cut expenses?"

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