Witness Grocery Store Clerk Tries to Witness to Me ? Nice try !

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  • flipper

    On Friday , I had finished working where I used to live about 60 miles south . A witness lady who used to be in one of my old congregations was working the check out line at the grocery store. Naturally she recognized me , and she saw I was buying a anniversary card for my daughter and her husband. Nothing was brought up until I talked about my work having to drive from 60 miles north to her area 5 days a week.

    Then she popped the magic question, " So- have you gone to the local congregation yet up where you are living " ? I then remembered that this lady had been a fanatical Jehovah's Witness before. I answered, " No, I haven't actually . I'm inactive and haven't attended meetings for 4 and a half years. I had differences with the elders about giving me their own opinions as advise instead of scriptural counsel , and I disagree with the way the child abuse scandal was handled inside the organization ! " She came right back quickly with, " Well, you need to understand the elders are imperfect . My husband had some problems with the elders too, but he didn't leave Jehovah. Don't take it out on Jehovah by staying away ! " I said, " I'm not , but I have other doubts about the organization too. "

    Then she stated, " And in the child abuse scandal - it wasn't Jehovah who molested the children. You can't blame him ! " I said, " That's true - but you can blame the organization because it was not handled properly. " She actually agreed with me on that . Then she started saying some more but the customer behind me was annoyed at her - as she was making the next customer wait while talking to me. I said, " I've gotta go. " And left.

    It's amazing to me the excuses these witnesses make for their organization. I stated to my wife later that to them , the Watchtower society is the same as Jehovah to them. I should have told her - My leaving is not taking it out on Jehovah, it's taking it out on the organization. But witnesses don't differentiate the two ! So, have you folks had witnesses try to preach at you in public places before ? How did you handle it ? Don't you just wish they would mind their own business and do their jobs and deal with you as a normal customer in a store ? ! Please share some experiences if you have some , of witnesses trying to preach at you in public places , and how you handled it ! As always, I look forward to your comments ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wings

    .....don't take it out on Jehovah.

    ....but he didn't leave Jehovah.

    Seems like a good come back might be, I think Jehovah left first.

    Or, maybe it's time for Jehovah to take over because it's not looking like he is anywhere to be found.

    I loved your response to her. I haven't been around witnesses (that I know) in almost a year. I think I would love the chance to do an impromtu anti witness.


  • BabaYaga

    Hiya, Mister Flipper...

    I have said on three different occasions, for three different people (one was myself, two were not!) "She didn't leave Jehovah, she left the Witnesses."

    They ALWAYS, always say that you are leaving Jehovah!!! Man, oh, man. I will say, however, that sentence does give them pause. The only comeback to that is "But the Witnesses ARE (h)is chosen organization" or something and by that time I have had time to make my escape.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    "But JW's are his chosen people!"

    "Oh yeah? Here's a Bible. Prove it!"

    "You are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah."

    "How convenient. Just take up the name and that makes it so."

    That is how I would handle it.

  • BreakingAway

    I think you did quite well considering is was just sprung on you.Yes, without a doubt, The Organization=God.And when they say JW's are God's chosen people...

    Just tell them...

    ...so were the Israelites..and look what happened to them.

    You might get a reaction like this.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    "You are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah."

    Interestingly, the Israelites were witnesses but didn't go to meetings, field service, but represented God by their conduct. So using this scripture doesn't mean a thing...

    [email protected]

  • changeling

    Did you tell her to "peace out"?

    changeling :)

  • flipper

    WINGS- That is a good comeback- , " I think Jehovah left first ! " It is hard when they put you on the spot like that , you have to think quick of something to say !

    BABA YAGA- That's true to the point - " She didn't leave Jehovah , she left the witnesses. " Good comeback. They can't see the difference. I try to make my escape quickly too !

    WHITE DOVE- I like your comeback - , " Oh Yeah ? Here's a Bible, prove it ! " Funny !

    BREAKING AWAY- That's a good one too. " So we're the Israelites and look what happened to them . " Good stuff !

    AWAKENED at GILEAD- I agree that conduct is the important thing- but unfortunately modern day Jehovah's Witnesses don't agree with that. It's " outward appearance " that means a lot to them . Like when some would ask each other - " How much field service time did you get in this month? " I bet that sister was counting her time talking to me ! No wonder she made the next customer wait in line !

    CHANGELING- No. I didn't tell her " Peace out ". I never wish " peace out " to witnesses. I might tell them to " piss off " , but never " peace out " ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hi Flipper,

    I can say that I have had my share of people like that try and preach at me. They think that because we attended the hall together once upon a time that they can hog my time and dominate the conversation with jw booshit. I try to avoid them and when I know where they work I go out of my way to not shop there. Like my wife's aunt, she checks groceries at one of the local stores. I go across the street to the Farmer's Food Market instead.

    Thing is, when I go to the Farmer's I run into a real idiotic jw who is also a customer there. He is in his mid sixties and prides himself on having been in a Mexican prison for trafficking drugs and learned the troof in there. He was so impressed with the jw religion that to be able to get baptised he had to dig his very own hole in the ground and fill it with water. I am surprised the federales or whoever didn't shoot his dumbass for trying to tunnel out! LOL He is always trying to SHAME me into doing things that he feels are more spiritual. Like attend meetings! LOL He caught me in line once and he made this big thing out of me buying a Lotto ticket. I tried to ignore him but he just got louder and louder.

    I was in your shoes and didn't want to hold up the line or further anger the checker, so I told him to mind his own business and let me mind mine. Judgemental prick.

  • carla

    Sometimes the jw's frustrate me so much. They are unable to see that they equate the org with God. It is one and the same to them. Idolitars

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