Movies I missed growing up a witness?

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  • inkling

    Ok, so a recent post about The Godfather got me thinking what a massively sheltered life I had growing up,
    and all the classic R rated (or otherwise offensive to delicate JW sensibilities) movies I must have missed.
    I am not easily offended now, and am open to pretty much any genre.
    I have a lot of catching up to do, so I could use some help-

    What are your all time favorite movies, "inappropriate for Christians" or otherwise?


  • asilentone

    Why not watch the movie "Paradise"? Phoebe Cates is in it. She is hot!

  • Hope4Others

    These are ones I really liked and have watched.

    Dancing with Wolves - with Kevin Costner

    A moment in time- Christopher Reed tear jerker movie

    Notebook- with Gena Rolands & James Garner tear jerker movie


  • misanthropic

    I could list ones I'd rented the past few years that I couldn't see before.
    What I did though was go to the video store and get whatever older movies caught my eye that I remembered wanting to see before but couldn't.

    The one movie I did see in theaters that I wasn't supposed to was Candyman- my sister took me because you had to be with someone 18 or over. It scared the crap out of me at the time plus we got busted by a witness kid who worked there, he came and asked us to see our tickets. I don't think he ever told because we never got in trouble for it.

  • Layla33

    The Exorcist and the Poltergeist, scared me to no end, but boy was it fun.

    I suggest watching them at night when the moon is full, and light a few candles for effect. I promise no demons will visit you.

  • Layla33
    Notebook- with Gena Rolands & James Garner tear jerker movie

    Every time I watch that movie, I boo hoo like a baby. I love that movie.

  • Hope4Others

    How about on the fun side....

    * Christmas vacation- Chevy Chase

    * Weekend a bernies- it is so funny, especially after a few beers


  • wings

    I only missed 16 years of movies. For the last 10 months I have been obsessed trying to watch them all.

    Some of my favorites.....


    Dead Man Walking

    Bridget Jones

    Lord of the Rings

    LIfe as a House

    Cold Mountain

    I'll stop there, I could go on for awhile. I love movies and the R rated rule is truly stupid.

    wings (love movies)

  • Hope4Others

    Shaw Shank Redemption -- god, I love Morgan Freeman.

    Cold Mountain

    wings that was a real good movie. I cried.

  • Free

    I am still catching up on all the rated R movies that I missed. Netflex loves me.

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