Predict How JWs Will Accept The New Announcement

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  • looking_glass

    I just heard from a close GF whose mom is still a very good active JW. She told me that her mother told her that they are doing it to lighten the load of the JWs cause we are so perilously close to the end. According to my GF her mom also asked her if she was getting her JW only mag cause that was giving all the new insight that the WTBTS was getting from Jah and it is very important that she draw close NOW otherwise she may not make it into the new system

    Being a third Gen JW, I have seen and heard it all b/4. You all know the party line will not change. Their stock response will always be the same "jah gives his people the information at the right time" hence the reason for all the changes. Then their next step is to say "rely on jah and his organization" because this is how satan gets people to leave/stray/question.

  • skeeter1

    Earlier this week, my rub-a-Dub JW relative was in shock.....lamenting how much the Book Study was the personal favorite...hoping my words were lies.

    After the announcement, it's the party line of what a beautiful thing.....

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    My friend still in, has been lamenting going to 3 meetings a week for years, was overjoyed and said the kh broke out in clapping. I said I was very happy for her, but a little puzzled that we had toiled away for over 40 years with 3 meetings a week believing the scripture in Heb10..24,25...all the more so as the day draws near. She felt jah had anwsered her prayers..didnt have the heart to disagree..poor thing. Strange about the jubilation...maybe nobody likes the meetings anyway.

  • LovesDubs

    There will be a different reaction directly proportional to the age and length of slavitude of the person reacting:

    1) Old generations will see this as yet another sign of Jehovahs benevolence and kindness and His lightening of the load (and oh by the way didnt Jesus say his load was not heavy so why again is this being portrayed as relief from a load?) and they will see it as a tightening and circling of the wagons of Jehoovers Borganization, protecting his loyal integrity keepers in this time of the IMMINENT end...blah blah blah.... But Im sure "ones" who have no other social life outside their homes who only go to meetings to see and be with other people will be very sad about it. And Im sad for them too. We had a group of older women who stuck together like glue, sat together, sat in the same seats every week, loved to get all dressed up for the meetings...loved all of it...who will dearly miss their book study. Im sure they have all passed away by now but they were the most loving and genuine sisters I knew. I think it may even cause panic in some that this long running tradition has gone away.

    2) The family men...the poor elders who have to spend every waking hour outside of trying desperately to support their families preparing for meetings or being at the hall for a meeting or to head field service or do shepherding calls, or away talks or visit ones in the hospital or constantly be on the phone counseling and encouraging and arranging...this will be a HUGE relief to them. I lived with an PO and his wife and we were dear friends, and it just never ever ended for him. There were not enough brothers to spread all that work around and he about drove himself into the ground trying to tend to everything that needed to be done to feed the great MAW of the organizations demands. The phone never stopped ringing and if he wasnt on the phone he was prepping for a meeting or doing research for a talk or we were looking stuff up in the bound volumes for him for the school. My heart goes out to all the genuine hard working brothers out there who were just trying to do the right thing and were losing their marriages and time spent with their kids. I hope this helps even in some small part.

    3) Gen Xers - the younger crowd with no families yet who were basically forced into being a JW their whole lives and hate every minute of it will be ECSTATIC to have another night off! They will be spouting the company line about Jehovah providing for them at the hall and at the same time be going YES! Its lady's night at the Blue Martini on Thursday nights!! Yes!! I can finally GO! Or finally I can watch American Idol!

    Change is good but at the same time it is very scary for JWs because they are such creatures of habit being honed into patterns of behavior like autistic children. To disturb their routines is to cause a butterfly affect in their lives.

    Stay tuned!

  • janemissy

    chicken little said:...maybe nobody likes the meetings anyway.

    Spot on! I

    I remember in my JW-days how most people in my cong felt the meetings as a drag. Especially this woman who loved to go on vacation always had "countdowns" such as: Oh, now there's only ten more meetings before I leave, now there's only eight...

    People are not that different in mind. An elder in my cong even said to me, shaking his head: "this is what we do so we can survive....(the big A, of course) He ment meeting, field service, prep for meetings etc. etc.

    I hope they now can live a little more.

    Suppose there will be a suggestion from the GB some time from now to put the money they save on gas into the moneybox at the KH?


  • minimus

    Since we're so perilously close to the great tribulation, and the Governing Body knows our needs, Jehovah's Witnesses will no longer be using the bathrooms in the Kingdom Hall and the audience excitedly applauds!

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    will no longer be expected to have 4 door cars. And the audience excitedly applauds!!

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    will no longer be making you check with the elders before you need to take a sh*t. And the audience excitedly applauds!!!

    And what's worse is that these cultists can be told ANYTHING and it never dawns on them that they were fed bullsh*t from Day1.

  • jgnat

    Well, I don't have to predict, I got to witness the reaction up and personal. His first reaction (since it came from the "internet" and therefore not to be trusted) was denial. Then disappointment. He likes the homey atmosphere of study night. He'll miss it.

    If you're supposed to use the free night for a family study and you have a disbelieving mate how will that work?

    I've already told my JW hubby what book we will be studying.

  • undercover

    Taking minimus' statement one step further:

    Armageddon is coming in 1914! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    Armageddon is coming in 1918! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    Armageddon is comingn in 1925! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    Armageddon is probably coming in 1975! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    Armageddon will come before those alive in 1914 die off! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    We're eliminating hot meals at conventions! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    We're eliminating all food at conventions! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    You can't go out to lunch during the conventions! and the audience applauds with exuberance

    And people say that JWs aren't a cult?

  • minimus

    Undercover, I truly believe NOTHING will get JWs to see that they are braindead. Like Jgnat's husband, they're in denial and eventually or suddenly, they'll rejoice over Jehovah's loving provisions.

    When I see 1914 as a big deal to some, it really isn't! If someone decided to simply state that 1914 was NOT a breakthrough date, after all, it would simply be accepted. Period.

  • steve2

    The reported warm applause in some kingdom halls following the announcement of one less meeting night a week will seem like a mere whisper when, in a few years time, they announce from the platform that door-knocking is being phased out.

    The applause, let me predict, wil be sustained and DEAFENING. The flogged horses will yet get their day!

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