Sex in the new order?

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  • Rivington

    DJK said: "I always wondered what would happen if a deceased spouse was resurrected and you had remarried after they passed away. Are we talking polygamy?" As I recall, the belief was that the resurrection would not start until after the earth had been fully repopulated by Armageddon survivors - leaving just enough room for resurrected folk. So by the time your first spouse is brought back, marriage and sex is a thing of the past and they've missed out on the fun. I remember my sister's wedding - tacked on to the vows, after, "till death do us part," they had, "or until divine termination of the marital arrangement." Just imagine it: you have all eternity to admire the delights of the most stunningly beautiful girls/blokes and all you can do is think back to how it used to be. So, sex in the new order? Nope, not much. But what about mast... Oops, sorry folks. Rivington

  • loosie

    Well imperfect sex is great. I bet perfect sex is even better. But in their new system they will probably be to busy gathering fruit and petting lions to have sex.

  • blondie

    The one thought that did come up is that when the earth was full of people, how would God control the population? Would he practice birth control as he did with Rachel and Michal? Would marriage end, since no children would be born? And a more wild idea entertained privately by some jws was that God would take them to other planets to populate the universe.

    *** g88 4/8 p. 27 Abortion—The Answer to Overpopulation? ***It is reasonable to conclude that the Creator of human reproductive power will himself justly regulate its use to attain this perfect balance. There will be no need for abortions to limit population growth. Jehovah through the Kingdom of his Son, Christ Jesus, will ensure that the earth is comfortably filled with obedient mankind living in a global paradise.—Isaiah 55:8-11; Revelation 21:1-5.

    *** Reasoning p. 116 Earth ***

    If no one is ever going to die in God’s New Order, how will all the people fit on earth?Keep in mind that when God expressed his purpose for the earth he said: "Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth." (Gen. 1:28) God gave man the ability to procreate, and when His purpose in that regard is fulfilled He can cause procreation to cease on earth.

    *** w65 11/15 pp. 703-704 Questions From Readers ***

    Even if the Creator should at some future time populate other planets—which is something that we do not know—there still would be no need for repetition of Jesus’ sacrifice and the vindication of Jehovah’s sovereignty. The issues involved will already have been settled forever.—Heb. 9:28; 10:12.

    *** ts chap. 16 p. 134 An Earth Free from Sickness and Death ***Once the glass was sufficiently filled, you would stop pouring. Similarly, once the earth was comfortably filled with humankind, God would see to it that further population growth stopped on this planet.
  • Lo

    People in my congregation still seemed to think people will have sex in the 'New system'. The woman I studied with doesn't want kids but tlks CONSTANTLY about the 'Paradise babies' she's going to have. DOTDOTDOT.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Who cares? Whatever we get in the new order will be better than the best stuff here!!


  • greendawn

    There will be no paradise in the way that the JWs perceive it, it is just a fairy tale to draw in members, a marketing ploy. There is no such thing as an eternal earthly destiny. In fact the approved christians will own both the earthly and the heavenly things as Paul tells us.

  • hamsterbait

    The earliest quote I can remember is in the 1942 book that changed Christs presence to 1914, and made extensive use of Isaac newton Vale's book "The Earths Annular System" to explain the plethora of fossils dying in Catastrophes. It was navy blue.

    The name has just disappeared from my brain!!!

    I remember it showed England still joined by land to continental Europe after dry land appeared.

    The new world would be populated with "stalwart men" and "feminine women."

    When the earth is filled, "by exercising perfect self control, no more children will be born."

    I cannot believe I literally forgot the title of that book a split second before I was going to type it.


    HB (of the "holes in brain" class)

    AAH! "The Truth Shall make you Free." (which version?)

  • ninja

    if I make it to the new are all getting pumped........(women only)....sorry bif

  • SacrificialLoon

    As long as the 144,000 get to watch.

  • ninja

    hey sac.....obviously they can watch........but they will have to part with cash

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