Has the mass exodus begun?

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  • joelbear69

    no mass exodus, just a change of social status and demographics. they will have less money to run on though.

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Shamus, you are right, thank you for the link. Yes, indeed goverments are indeed clamping down on the cults. Europe seemed to be the first to put the cults under examination. And now, the U.S.A. is turning their attention toward these strange groups. One such group, that is under fire is the FLDS , Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Texas.

  • mkr32208

    They counted me for over two YEARS at 10 hours a month. The only way it was ever uncovered was when they wanted to have a JC with me and they called my old hall (they still had the pub card) and it came out that they had been putting me and my wife down for 10 a month since I had stopped going... So figure at LEAST 240 hours for me and maybe 60 for her (she stopped after me)

    How many still do this?

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    MKR good comment, we have to wonder how much of this is going on to help the Watchtower org. inflate their numbers.

  • curlymoses

    I remember asking my wife to point out examples of others at meetings who were in a situation like me (a "studying non-witness). She pointed to a few examples of guys who were in my situation at one time and then became baptized... no new examples though. One of the brothers I was studying with pointed out a new guy at a meeting once... that was the last time I saw the new guy. I knew a guy who was studying and attending meetings sporadically for a month or two and that was it. I went to the one day assembly, Memorial, and maybe 2 meetings so far this year. Lately, I've been pressured to go more often. If I do, I'm going to examine more closely the numbers and back stories of those in attendance. My feeling is that I'm perceived as a 50/50 prospect at best and that the children and adolescents are the WTSs last best hope for sustainability. I'm interested in teaching my child HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

  • by grace
    by grace
    Oh theres an exodus going on...and believe me there are many still sitting in the seats of those halls whose minds, souls and hearts are long gone that know if they actually PHYSICALLY leave...they will lose their wives, their children their lifelong friends..becuase they are being held by the SHORT HAIRS in that seat and the Society knows if they release that grip, that shunning...that there WILL be a mass PHYSICAL exodus.

    How they do it, I don't know! To all you JWs who stay for your family ((((HUGS)))) May you all be free soon!!!

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