Has the mass exodus begun?

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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I can't wait for the memorial figures to come out for 2008, cuz since 5/2007 anyone can be anointed... Will there be 10,000? 15,000? more? I wonder if the society will start keeping those figures under wraps instead of publishing them since if the number of anointed goes up significantly it coul also spark either a mass exodus or a mass "anointing"...

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    counting inactive one? is this documented?
    Us apostates sound like a pathetic, desperate bunch when we keep talking about how all the figures simply must be fudged by the WTS.

    I'll try to explain the deal on monthly reports as sent from congregations to the branch. In previous years, the monthly report would go in stating the number of pubs, aux, and reg pios just for that month. For the last service year, they added a new box to report the number of "active publishers". This "active publishers" total would include pubs, aux, reg pios, and irregular publishers. Irregular publishers are those who have submitted a report during the last 6 months. Inactive are those that haven't reported in over 6 months. So, they are asking for a count including irreguler publishers, not inactive publishers. This switch in accounting would easily inflate the number of publishers, as evidenced locally. 2 years ago, Br. Hateservice reported 2 hours in September and 2 hours for March. In the total count, he would have only been 2/12 of a publisher for the year. With a new accounting method, last year Br. Hateservice reported the same activity, would have been irregular for the entire year, but would have been counted as 1 publisher for the year's total instead of a fraction of a publisher.

    Have they really changed their accounting methods to include irregular publishers? I don't know for a certainty. While there was a 3% increase, I would have guessed that if they really started including the number of irregulars, it would have been an 8% increase at least. Also, the hour and placement averages show a growth rate which may indicate that there was a genuine growth in the number of publishers... or it may just mean more work done by the already existing publisher base. Are they fudging the figures? Time will tell. Any growth reported by a switch in accounting methods only lasts during one adjustment period. Future years will reveal what direction the trends are really moving.

    Will there be a mass exodus? I don't know. But there's plenty of time to watch, and wait, and see.

    B the X

  • LovesDubs

    Oh theres an exodus going on...and believe me there are many still sitting in the seats of those halls whose minds, souls and hearts are long gone that know if they actually PHYSICALLY leave...they will lose their wives, their children their lifelong friends..becuase they are being held by the SHORT HAIRS in that seat and the Society knows if they release that grip, that shunning...that there WILL be a mass PHYSICAL exodus.

    The truth is not with this organization. If ever there was an organization I thought Satan ran...this is it. The love of God is NOT in them or with them.

  • LongHairGal


    Maybe you are right. There are too many changes coming too close together. As far as a mass exodus, that may be an exaggeration. There are those that wouldn't leave even if the angels swung a wrecking ball into the headquarters.

    I think it is more like a slow, steady trickle.


  • WTWizard

    For sure, they are not getting on any better foundation. The 3% increase was inflated, likely by easy field circus to lure borderline publishers in, children getting hounded to publish earlier, fake time slips, and the 15 minute publishers. I think they are going to run out of that card, if they haven't already.

    I think each time they tamper with something, people are going to leave. They deleted the book study, and that will be the end of the Goodie Night. If they turn it into a field circus night, people will wonder about the gas excuse (hey, if they lied about the double donating, they will lie about the gas too). The idea is, soon more people will be leaving than are going in, resulting in negative growth.

    And that waste of paper campaign was another fiasco. Not only they didn't finish, but many congregations have seen declines in attendance at the REJECT Jesus Party. If that is true everywhere, and they had a drop in attendance, I would look for a drop in attendance at the Grand Boasting Session with zero or few baptized. And hopefully a drop in publisher count.

    And, hopefully soon after, a crash.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Billy - Interesting information regarding the addition of irregular publishers to the count. One more category for the secretary to keep up with (as a side note, that has got to be the worst job on the BOE). I tend to agree with you that if they included all the irregulars in the total count, it would have pushed up the numbers more than 3%. However, the WTS must be doing something with that data. The local congo & CO can easily tally up the irregulars and I think its on the CO report, right? (trying to block that out of my memory). So, the WTS must need that data in their system for something. As you stated, time will tell since the bump is only good for one year (like the 15m provision for the infirmed, it was a 1 year bump in terms of percentage of increase).

    I've been told that the number of irregular tends to run between 10-20% depending on the area. So, adding them all in would make the average go much higher than 3%. Also, the average and the peak would be much closer.

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    We are truly living in thrilling and exciting times. As former Jehovah's Witnesses who have had our lives altered by our being part of this dangerous cult, we are so glad to see an undercurrent of adversity in this org. that is leading to so many seeing the flaws, inaccuracies, and failed predictions to the point of so many "packing their bags" and getting ready to participate in this 'MASS EXODUS'!

    It is not "if" and it is not "when", the 'MASS EXODUS' is already in progress!

  • shamus100

    It's hard to believe the mass exodus has begun, but there it is. Check out this link from the Washington Post. My apologies if this has already been posted and is redundant.


  • startingover

    What if this 3% really reflects an actual loss of 7% overcome by counting the 10% of irregulars? Whatever the case, they can only play with numbers so long. They have been obsessed with numbers and it wouldn't surprise me if that was done away with if the numbers keep going down, or rising in the case of the "annointed". Of course before it was stopped, there would be a spin about the love of the greater number...

    I would really like to see a change like the Worldwide Church of God. Who knows, it might happen.

  • Elsewhere

    For years I have been predicting that the WTS will not go out in a spectacular bang. Instead it will slowly die unnoticed with a quiet whimper.

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