Possible Gods

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  • jaguarbass

    So what kinds of god are possible? Or there any that you think are more likely than others?

    I would say we deffintetly have the media gods and the multi corporation Gods. Rock Gods and sport Gods.

    Then if we accept its possible that we evolved from ameobas than perhaps beings from another planet that evolved from amoebas seeded earth and have manipulated life on this planet.

    Than there is the posiblitiy that there are other dimensions that are invisable and these beings are interacting, controlling, directing life on this planet. This would be most in line with the bible, god is a spirit.

    I see two major themes evolution either here on earth or from another planet and then seeding earth.

    And another dimension interacting with the material world.

    Both seem plausible to me.

    Those who try to controll mankind often remain in the back ground or act as puppetmasters.

  • real one
    real one

    there are many gods. there is only one true God Jehovah. How do I know? How do you know he is not?


    It seems that most nations were, for thousands of years, happy to have many gods for their many different purposes.

    Abraham then declared that there was only one true god and all the others were suddenly redundant. He patented a monopoly on the god industry.

    Anyone who challenged his monopoly was to be put to death. The one god fits all theme was continued by Christ who reaffirmed the death penalty for rednecks. Wherever the jealous and vengeful god Jehovah appeared, he melted out punishment and death.

    He seemed to suffer from low self esteem and needed to be exclusively worshiped. He kept declaring that he alone was the most high. An admission in itself that he thought there were other gods. In the end this sicko arranged to have his only beloved son tortured to death.

    In Rome I had many minor and major gods and even emperors were made gods. They were much nicer and happy to share the glory around a bit. Anyone found worshiping the Bible god was used as cat food.

    All things were done in a friendly - dis ducibus. (Under the direction of the gods)


  • cameo-d

    Civilizations on different continents all of varied historic eras have left many similarities in graphic depiction of "other worldly" beings.

    Were they creatures from another planet? Were they indeed "angels" or other created beings from another race that seeded humanity?

    I do believe there were "other worldly" beings that had a hand in advancing mankind. I also believe that these beings are not benevolent, though they try to come off as being so. I believe they are still around and have hidden agendas and that some humans knowingly are serving them toward those ends.

    I think "alien abductions" are real. This was spoken of in the Biblical scriptures. There was Jacob who 'wrestled' (an interesting word meaning 'negotiated') with the angels. I believe the covenant bargain dealt with submission to genetic experimentations. Jacob fathered the 12 tribes of Israel. The 144, 000 will LITERALLY come from these tribes. These are the "enlightened" ones who carry the gene stock for the New Civilization. These 144,000 are the highest and hidden Illuminati. Some are the brilliant physicists, some are the ones with the greatest physical beauty perfected, some are the ones who have genetic resistance to germs and disease, some are the ones who never seem to show age. They are not like the rest of us.

    The 144,000 will be the final product of years of genetic improvements. These will all be alive as a last generation at the "time of the end". They know who they are; there is no question. They have all experienced abduction in their geneologies.

    These alien/angel creatures are the ones who have set themselves up as gods through the eons of human civilization.

    I don't believe that they originally created us, but I do believe they have inteferred in man's evolvement and development.

    When they return (soon) they will announce to humankind that we were a failed experiment and that our creators "dumped us" on this planet on the outskirts of the universe thinking we would die off and never be discovered. They will claim that they found us and tried to raise our intelligence and longevity through genetic manipulation. They will present themselves as our "saviors," just as they did to ancient man.

    I think many civilizations have tried to tell us...perhaps even warn us of these malovent beings. They spoke in heiroglyphics, and fairy tales. It was as though they hoped the entertaining "coded" messages would be understood someday. Today is the day and it is crucial that we try to delve into these cryptic messages and discern them.

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