Possible Gods

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  • DT

    I'm just trying to fill a logical hole. Many people conclude that the existence of life or the structure of the universe demands that there be a god. I don't really agree with this, but I can sympathise with that viewpoint. I certainly think it's possible that some kind of god intervened at some point in the history of the universe. However, some people will then make an enormous leap and claim that the god of Bible (or some other favored deity) must therefore exist. I thought it might be useful to just contemplate how many gods are possible, if one or more exists.

    I suggest that we allow a very broad definition of god for this discussion. The fact that a god may have intervened at some point doesn't demand that he be benevolent or all knowing. It just means he or it must have had the ability to intervene in some way.

    If a person has a favored deity and wants to convince others of its existence, then he would have to show why that is the only possible deity or at least provide an explanation of why that deity is more probable than all the others.

    So what kinds of god are possible? Or there any that you think are more likely than others?

  • Anti-Christ

    Cool game.

    I believe that the supernatural is nothing more then human imagination. If there is a god I don't think it deserves our worship. It could be some kind of alien, a child like entity that created humans for fun and got board with us. Maybe the universe is cyclic.

  • serotonin_wraith

    I see two gaps left for a god. Before the big bang, if there was a 'before' before the big bang, and the start of life on Earth. Beyond those two, all the other gaps we used to fill with gods are now closed, answered by natural explanations. If you don't want to learn from the past, a deistic god can fill these gaps for you, however there is still no good reason to believe in it. It's an argument from ignorance.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    It was a human who said there are many gods and it was a human who said there is only one God. Is it proven by any shadow of doubt that God has spoken directly to mankind? Answer, a big fat NO!

    For all we know there might be loads of Gods out there somewhere in the corner of the universe hiding away at the end of a big black hole all competing against each other .

  • free2beme

    Being in to Pagan thinking, and more open minded thinking. I do not see a GOD in the sense that Christians do. I see more of a divine or higher energy or mental level. A common thread, so to speak, that is not limited to the realm of this world or your own personal reality. In trying to explain it, I call it Spirit or life, among Wicca it is often called the Divine or Goddess. In any sense, worship is not so much about practice or location. As it might be more called acknowledgement and responsiblity. I personally think there is one lock to this universe and a million keys. If that is God (Jesus, Jehovah, etc) so be it. However religion as a whole is often more of a henderance then a key.

  • easyreader1970

    There's always the idea that earth was seeded by space aliens. What if some dig crew in the Himalayas some time ini the future unearths an ancient spaceship called YHWH that crashed 6 thousand years ago. (Yes, I know it is a rip off of the 2001 Planet of the Apes where they find their god's name on a busted space ship.)

  • free2beme

    Perhaps life here began somewhere out there! From battlestar galatica ... great series.

  • IMustBreakAway

    See there was a god. And he knew almost everything. The only thing he didn't know was what would happen if he didn't exist. He thought about creating a universe full of little people but why bother? He already knew what would happen. So he decided to explore the one thing he didn't know and he exploded. This was the big bang. God exploded and all his little pieces went out into the universe and began to re-organize themselves slowly. The little God parts tended towards complexity and eventually they will all reassemble themselves into God once again. And then we will know what happens when he explodes. :-P

  • Narkissos

    A "god" for being and (another?) for language would be convenient as we seem to be durably stuck between those two "orders". Cf. John 1:1.

    To borrow from a line by one of Bergman's characters, this is the kind of god(s) we are both unable to believe in and unable to dispense with...

  • Carmel

    Can the table comprehend the carpenter? Can the painting understand the mind of the painter? Why struggle to invent a vain imagining? How many the worshipers of an idea that is no more real than the 360 idols in the Khaba? An "unknowable essense" is beyond our comprehension, the divine lote tree beyond which there is no passing!


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