So I was thinking about the earthquake we had last week...

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  • oompa
    TheSilence: I woke up at 4:40 in the morning because the bed was shaking and

    I really don't understand your thought process on this a witness or former, shouldn't your first thought have been demunz??? And secondly, what rock album didn't I get rid of, or why the crap did I buy that last item at a yard sale???????????????????................................oompa


    I've experienced an earthquake twice. The first time was in 1981 in Ohio. I was lying down taking a nap trying to recover a little from my newborn keeping me awake half the night. My bed started shaking and I bolted upright afraid to move convinced the demons were after me, thinking about "The Exorcist", saying Jehovah's name out loud, hoping that magic spell worked, wondering if my husband and children were back from my in-laws, wanting to scream, watching things shake on the walls, having an internal melt-down, praying for Jehovah to scare those demons away, holding my breath and freaking the hell out. When it stopped I was relieved to hear the neighbors through the window saying "Did you feel that?" Then I felt like a fool. Looking back I realize I was a fool.

  • TheSilence
    Clyde and I watched the History Channel a few weeks ago about what would happen if there was another earthquake similar to what happened around 1820 which threw the Mississippi River up out of it banks and changed the flow of the river.

    Yes, the quakes of 1811/1812 actually made the Mississippi run backwards for several hours, I believe. They had quakes for about 5 months straight. There were 3 main shocks between 7.0 and 8.0. Ours was only a 5.2.

    as a witness or former, shouldn't your first thought have been demunz???

    Demons were never a big fear for me. Maybe they just weren't pushed as hard in my congregation, I don't know. I mean we heard a few stories here and there, but I never met anyone who had any of these supposed experiences. I was also allowed to watch the smurfs... or maybe my dad just didn't realize that I did, I don't know.

    Looking back I realize I was a fool.

    You weren't a fool. You had a response you were conditioned to have. It's part of the control.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!


  • ninja

    sorry folks....I will tell my mother in law not to use the kids trampoline again

  • SnakesInTheTower

    yeah, I woke up and felt it too..we arent very far from each other geographically of course...MY cat was trying to sleep on my face as usual..and she is no longer a small kitten....though she thinks she is... (I keep forgetting to post pics..too time consuming). Cat wasnt too weirded out or anything....I

    funny,....MY immediately thought: "earthquake", I lay (lied? layed?) there listening to/feeling it for the brief time it went on.....then ..nothing but.........silence*.... kinda surreal...

    I have heard on the news (though not felt) that we are having quite a few aftershocks in the 2-4.0 range....

    I didnt have any thoughts about demons, smurfs, the big A, et al......maybe because in my logical side of my mind...maybe...that none of that really existed anyway,....dunno...


    You keep a baseball bat near your bed?

    I do...have to tell a story about the bat some other day.....or maybe I already did...who knows....

    Snakes ()

    * oh....pun intended

  • TheSilence
    * oh....pun intended

    'twasn't very punny. :P


  • Jewel

    I remember sitting in bed on 9/11 reading to my little kids with the Today show on in the background. When the second plane hit and then the buildings crumbled, I had this moment of panic....could this be IT?? I'd been out for at least 10 years, but when faced with those horrible images, my first thought was Great Tribulation. That only lasted a couple of seconds and then I was disgusted that the whole fear of the tribulation thing was still hiding someplace in the back of my mind.

    When I heard about the earthquake--I slept right through--my first thought was, "[email protected], I'm going to hear about the signs of the end from my mother...AGAIN!"

  • TheSilence

    Sounds like progress to me, Jewel... congratulations ;)


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