If a JW girl falls pregnant to a 'worldly person'...before marriage??

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  • 5go

    The one case I know of personaly. The sister had no choice she was DFed and married the guy who is now a marine in Iraq.

  • Dorktacular

    My wife's brother sucessfully impregnated (knocked up by accident) a JW girl recently. She neglected to tell him about her interesting religion until after she was pregnant with said child. Well, now my brother-in-law has all kinds of quesitons for me regarding the situation. Apparently, the girl is already taking the baby to the Kingdumb Hell. The girl has even called my wife to tell her about her wonderful religion. This girl didn't know that I'm an ex JW and that my wife would rather lick the toilet seat in a Greyhoud bus station than listen to some idiot girl try to convert her to the JW faith. My wife gave her an earful! My wife told her that she wasn't much of a JW while she was spreading her legs, and as far as anybody in our family could tell, she wasn't a JW while my brother-in-law was dating her. And what does Joe Hober think about this girl trying to keep the non-JW daddy out of the kid's life unless he converts to JWism?? God, what a twisted religion. I wonder if that's the new recruitment tactic? Do the elders (or elderettes) train young sisters to go out to clubs to find "wordly" men to knock them up and then coearse them into becomming JWs? Is that the only way they can get new recruits? Instead of just a shotgun wedding, you get to have a shotgun JW conversion in the process? I'm rambling and my head hurts.

    I just feel bad for the baby. I know how it sucked for me to grow up as a JW. I hate child abuse.

  • LovesDubs

    There was a young couple....both RAISED JWs in those "good example" type families where Dad is an Elder and mom is a full time pioneer and the families each had one boy and one girl and the whole family went out in service together and did all the FAMILY parts....ugh. Two kids who KNEW BETTER than to do the dirty.

    Anyway...the girl whose dad was a long time elder, not only was dating this JW boy which is a no no but managed to fit sex in between Bible studies and meetings and they got pregnant. Ohmygod the uproar and the gossipping about that ensued! The kids were NOT disfellowshipped. They were soundly privately reproved and since they were both JWs and "in love" it was agreed that at their earliest legal age they would marry. In the meantime, Elder Dad made quite the display of proper "disappointment" about his daughters condition and INSISTED that he "step down as Elder because he had failed to keep his house in order in Jehovahs eyes" and the Elder body and CO were not inclined to remove him from his position...but he left it anyway to make himself look oh so martyred.

    We were INSTRUCTED not to have a baby shower for that baby though. It was a product of SIN you know. :)

    Both kids were off reproval after a year and Dad was back on his Elder Throne again. And all was forgiven. They married, had the child. Life went on.

    As for kids having sex with WORLDLY ones...this is RAMPANT. The kids will seek out worldly sex partners because the worldly ones wont NARC on them! They know this. The worldly sex partner is less inhibited and the JW doesnt have to put on any pretense with them. There was a guy who was raised a JW that in fact was the very first JW I met and he picked me up in a BAR no less...and it turned out he had bedded half the young girls and pioneers in a 5 state area. By his own admission, he considered himself an example of what NOT to be as a JW and was "sent by Jehovah to test them" geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  • lesterd

    Depends on WHO she is, if she is the daughter of a elder, she probably gets off, in the US if the guy is over 18 pursue statutory rape, taking the blame off her, every congrgation and every circumstance is different and could be dealt with defernently, that God there is only one judge.

  • Lantana

    All these stories are so different from each other. Actually, I was hoping for a one size fits all answer, even though I knew that wasn't the case. The word 'depends' keeps comin' up.

    To combine examples for a second...say if the Elder is a hard-liner type at home, has anyone heard of an instance where the Elder has kicked his daughter out of home, due to embarrasment or failure to control his family? The second part to the same question is: What if the Father of the daughter was not an elder? Yes, she is more inclined to get D'FS, but what about getting kicked outta home? Anyone heard of that happening?

    Btw, dorktacular...I was thinking about ur recruitment tactic, haha -- nice one. JW's must hate the Internet...all that information floating around just waiting to be read.

  • LovesDubs

    Yep....hardline elders and nonelder type JWs dont hesitate to kick out kids that dont tow the line. My mother in laws 2nd husband is an elder. His ex wife used to be her best friend in the JWs. Ex wife at age 38 decided to bed an 18 year old pioneer brother, got caught in a hotel, both were DFd. Exwife divorced Elder husband, was DFd for a year and then married said 18 year old....she had a 16 year old son mind you.

    Sixteen year old son is caught smoking...he is messed up because of the crap his parents have put him through. Their reply to this? He is disfellowshipped for smoking and soundly kicked out of his home for being rebellious!!!

    This organization sucks. Its arbitrary and a cult.

  • Scientist

    I wuz raised in the JW teachings since birth I think I have been disfellowshipped 3 times now, I have lost count.

    At age 16 I fell (and couldn't get up) and became pregnant ... my father was an elder. OK, now since I was baptized at around age 11 or 12 I was DF'd. My dad was removed from his elder position and I believe they never gave it back to him (but not real sure, he never talked about it). Actually when I was DF'd at age 16, was I repentent? No, because I was in love and wanted to marry the non-JW boyfriend so I could escape from the nightmare of hardline parents and religion. However they would not consent to the marriage and at the time, parents had to consent to let me marry at that early age. So yes they refused to let me see the boyfriend (I was seeing him at school mostly) and since I was not longer in school, well that ended that.

    I still went to meetings because there was nowhere else my parents would let me go. I eventually repented got "reinstated" and met a JW man who was a couple years older than me. We went on a date and had sex. I did not get pregnant, but we both got disfellowshipped because "we both knew better". We got married when my baby was about a year old. Finally we both got reinstated again. But then a little later, it turns out he was a homo, and had sex with animals. [My parents should have let me married the FIRST guy, but no, marrying a JW was better !] That marriage lasted 5 years and we divorced -- but not because of the homo act or the sex with animals, because I was taught it was better to forgive people. What a dumb stupid person I was back then. Finally my feelings caught up with me, I wanted out, so my husband went out and fornicated again -- this time with a woman -- and then we filed for divorce. Whew!

    OK, then a few months after divorce was final, I started dating. There were really no JWs I wanted to date, so dated worldly guys. Well not long after that I began smoking cigarettes, fornicating, having a few beers boy that was fun. and I got disfellowshipped for the 3rd time I think. I was about 22, and never went back to meetings after that. My parents still want me to get reinstated again.

    I remember distinctly another girl in the congregation at the time I got preg. she was 16 too, and also pregnant with a worldly guy. Her uncle was an elder, nothing happened to him. They all told her "don't marry him" even though the guy wanted to marry her. She did not get DF'd -- not sure why. She stayed in good standing, everyone loved her baby and all was hunky dory for her.

    I guess since I am a 3-time loser, I am really a wicked jezebel !

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