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  • Hope4Others

    Ithe guillotine is a much better tool alt

    I used to have nightmares that I would be standing in line and I was next. Too much tv I guess.


  • llbh

    I am against the death penalty for three reasons

    1 . Too quick

    2. No way back if wrongly convicted.

    3 I want them to suffer as long as the family of the victims

    Regards David

  • Hope4Others

    I'm for the death penalty IF they freely confess and describe every detail and there is blood all over them. Then

    you can't go wrong.


  • 5go

    I think if we would of kept public execution into the 1990's just in time to have DNA exonerate innocent people that were set to die by said hanging. Which would put a face on a problem. We would not be having this discussion. So I agree bring back public hanging, so we can do away with all form of execution, finally.

  • ninja

    I think they should bring back pubic hanging......I've always wanted to have dreadlocks on my pubes......sort of a long and a certain light my genitals would look like bob marley.....cooooooooooooool man

  • Fadeout

    The death penalty serves to give violent, repressed people an outlet for their rage. They are angry and want to destroy life. It's about vengeance, not justice. Just listen to the rants of death penalty advocates. It's based purely on emotion, not reason.

    They use arguments like, "what if you were the victim?" Well I would be a pretty big hypocrite if I advocated a policy I'd not be willing to apply to myself, huh? But they assume that everyone has an amount of anger similar to themselves.

    The fact that it costs our society more, monetarily, to carry out an execution than to imprison an offender for life is completely lost on them. The fact that a death penalty will necessarily cost innocent lives is irrelevant to them. They are not concerned about what will best serve society. They only desire satisfaction for their bloodlust.

    Not surprisingly, they are the majority... the mob always is.

  • jaguarbass

    I work in a jail. I've been trained as a road policeman and a detention/ corrections officer.

    I have very little faith in our justice system.

    Cops are as corrupt as the criminals. Mick said every cops a criminal and all the sinners saints.

    By corrupt, I see cops try to push square pegs into round holes, they want to close cases and move on.

    They present their evidence, make their case and leave it to the jury to decide.

    The jury thinks the cop wouldn't falsely accuse someone.

    The cop thinks I'll trump up the charges and let the jury decide over coca cola and dorritos.

    I was taught in the police accademy to always trump up the charges so when they are reduced at least you have something.

    The cop has to accuse someone or hes batting zero.

    The mentallity is like America invading Iraq killing everyone and letting god decide.

    The cop is letting the jurry decide.

    The jury thinks the cop is rigtheous and honerable.

    The cop is filling out forms on papper.

    Everyone in jail says they are innocent. And I bet 25% are.

    I think they fry and hang a lot of innocents and let a lot of guilty go.

    Man desires a scape goat.

    But if you knew you had a criminal without a doubt,

    I'd be for bringing him to justice.

    They say eye witness identification of a suspect is the least reliable.

    That means if a witness picks a suspect out of a line up. That is the least reliable way to identify the culprit. Because people dont see what they think they see. Or people see what they want to see.

    Dna evidence, placing a suspect at the scene is the way to go.

    As far as I can tell if someones DNA is at the scene they were there and and like Ricky said,

    "Lucy you have some Splaining to do."

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Perhaps you'd have liked to see this man hang too? For those who argue for the death panalty in 'beyond reasonable doubt' cases - this was at the time 'beyond reasonable doubt' - Stefan confessed (under pressure) to having committed the crime:

    Or some of these others?

    (Sadly some were hanged - what to say? ...Oops sorry we made a mistake?)

    What if one of those wrongly convicted people was someone very dear to you?

    This country as someone else has written is run by the kangaroo court media plus for goodness sake, some of the inhabitants of this intellectually backward island don't even know the difference between a paediatrician and a paedophile!!!

    I ask, would you like your very life to be placed in the hands of such people???!!! We're way too immature at the moment to make life and death decisions.

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