American Idol and JDubs

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  • heathen

    No kidding Fadeout , just to say American would mean nationalism and certainly idol would mean to aggrandize a person and exalting them over another . Tho not a dub I can remember certain things that would bring instant reproach and critique on a member and often would be something the "worldly" people wouldn't even think twice about.

  • easyreader1970

    Many JWs I know watch the program. I think most ignore the title of the show, which might be the most offensive thing about it to a "true believer." The program itself is largely benign and doesn't contain much of the immorality that heavily infiltrates most of the other reality television programs.

    At our most recent circuit assembly, there was a part on the platform that specifically warned Christians against reality television and police dramas. I believe they may have also mentioned soap operas but I don't think anybody actually watches those anymore anyway.


  • Seeker4

    My JW daughter watches, and remember, Bro. Prince performed on it last year!


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