American Idol and JDubs

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  • skeeter1

    So, what is the "inside scoop" on how the Society & Friends view American Idol & such "competition-type" shows.

    I am wondering as my ultra JWDub relative turns up a nose to these shows.


  • SusanHere

    My Pioneer sister is not as hard-core JW as she used to be (attended a birthday party, sends birthday and Christmas gifts, etc.) but I cannot, absolutely cannot get her to turn on American Idol. It's the name. She can't get past it. Maybe she's typical?


  • TheListener

    I know a lot of dubs that love American Idol and have never mentioned being uncomfortable with it.

    It must depend upon someone's conscience.

    I wish American Idol would be bashed from the platform or watchtower. I would love to see the dubs reaction and how all of a sudden they change their minds about something they used to like.

  • heathen

    Too bad it doesn't inspire them to learn how to sing .LOL

  • free2beme

    My self-rightous sister-in-law watches it without fail.

  • S3RAPH1M

    A number of J Dubs I know watch it every time they get the chance! I wouldn't be surprised if Bethelites were to audition for the show! LOL!!!!

  • Moxie

    Remember when Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for enforcing the sabboth too strictly and thereby distorting it's true purpose?

    I can't help but draw a similarity here... IMO the witnesses are splitting hairs. But then isn't that what the Gov Body wants? Anything to separate and alienate their flock from the outside world....


  • heathen

    Personally I can't understand how they demonize the web but still have TV so as to worship the rich and famous charlatans while watching shows full of sex and violence and immorality .It's all about worshiping the evils of the world anyway.

  • sandy

    My family watches it w/out fail as well w/out feeling guilty.

  • Fadeout

    It seems to me, here on the West Coast, that the attitude of JWs has really shifted over the last 20 years. I think there used to be a more fanatical mentality about such things. When I was a little kid, any show of that nature that had "Idol" in the title would definitely be out, since you are admittingly "idolizing" these people.

    Now there are a lot fewer hardcore JWs. Largely because they all got old and died, but also because the 1914 generation teaching was canceled. Service time bears out that there is a lot less "zeal" in the congregations nowadays.

    To be honest I get the sense that JWs feel largely kinda lost and aimless with all the recent changes. Like, if the end isn't imminent, what are we doing? Sort of a mini-version of what happened after 1975.

    But 1975 was before the JWs reached a saturation point in the population. They could still recover and have tremendous growth. Now they've reached saturation... they're about 0.4% of the population and growth is hitting the wall. The next decade will be interesting as it's obvious that upper management realizes that big changes are needed just to remain a going concern.

    Uh... we're still talking about American Idol, right? ;-)

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