How "Bible Prophecy" Will Soon Be Disproven!

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  • metatron

    Events are overtaking your observations: It was announced today that China is number one in internet users.

    China's displacement of the US as number one exporter will rapidly allow the expansion of their own internal markets , so that they will

    develop into a consumer society like the US. US spending power is heavily dependent on increased debt - that can't go on. Their

    government is beginning to tackle environmental issues - which inevitably get solved as they develop into an advanced nation such as

    exists in the West. This is a country that no one thought could feed itself that now exports food. They don't need to 'fight' the US, just

    quietly pass it by......


  • JCanon

    I see how the process works:

    1) observe current events

    2) rearrange interpretations to fit facts

    3) assert to everyone that "prophecy" has been fulfilled!!!

    I think I've won the lottery many times this way - but somehow the authorities won't give me the money because they refuse to understand

    that the numbers I picked symbolized those picked in the winning draw. Some people just don't have faith...


    Nice try, metatron, but this doesn't work with CHRONOLOGY. Numbers, math, are absolutes! For instance, we know the 70 weeks ends in 36 CE. Nobody doubts that. If you count periods of 490 years down to our day to discover when the 70th week during our time is, it is an ABSOLUTE date. It is from 1989-1996. So if you think the messiah is supposed to arrive in time for the mid-week passover, then you are stuck with Jesus appearing within a year of April 6, 1993. That's your only choice. You can't move anything around or adjust or anything else. It is absolute and final based upon the 36 CE date. Now this is challenged one more degree because the messiah has to appear 45 years after the "end of the gentile times" when that is applied to 1290 days. We know the official Jewish exile and gentile times ended in 1947. That's when the Jews regained their homeland that was prophesied. This is recognized by many as the end of the 1290 days! If that's the case, then, the 1335 days, which is when the messiah arrives is LOCKED IN. It's absolute. It is 45 years after this. So you have a one-time shot to harmonize these two prophecies to within a year, with actual historical events. Well? Well, you still get 1992. 1947 isn't going to ever change and neither is 29 CE, the year of Jesus' baptism and the beginning of the 70th week. The matching 70th week for the second coming is 1989-1996. So it works, because it's TRUE and precise. So some thinking when things work they are manipulated after the fact. But that's not the case. Some things are absolute before the fact. 1947 has to occur on a jubilee year in line with the jubilee of 36 CE or 455 BCE. It does! The Exodus is the first jubilee in a week of 70 weeks, 70 jubilees. The last jubilee is 1947. (Jewish Covenant Week Chart)

    So if you don't know chronology, there is a possibility you think that there is lots of flexibility in interpretation and thus any interpretation that fits the new circumstances will work and you can deny the Bible actually predicted anything. But that doesn't work with chronology. The Bible does predict things but some things have to happen simultaneously the very same year!

    Now the other prophecy of focus is the "7 times" prophecy. The VAT4956 hides the true original dating for year 37 of Nebuchadnezzar which is 511 BCE. The academic world doesn't want to acccess this and most people don't understand this reference in this text. But having noted that it reflects the true original date for the NB Period, it should match up with 1992 as the year of the second coming, to match the other two prophecies! Remember, the VAT4956 is not a document that you can just manipulate any way. It is an astronomical text with specific astronomy for 568 BCE and 511 BCE. It is cryptic but absolute. You have only two choices; really only one because the cryptic date, the hidden date, is always going to be the original date. But taking that dating directly from the VAT4956, year 19 of Nebuchadnezzar falls in 529 BCE. That means the messiah needs to arrive 2520 years later than 529 BCE based upon this text's reference that 511 BCE was the original year 37 of Nebuchadnezzar. Year 37 in 511 means year 19 falls in 529 BCE. And what do we get? 1992! 2521-529 = 1992.


    So you have three prophecies pointing to the year of the second coming that must match up with actual historical events and still match the same year. That is ZERO flexibliity. You have to match the dating or the Bible is not fulfilled. Period.

    So the idea that anybody can manipulate non-prophecies and make them work after the fact is not accurate.

    Or another good example is Zech 13:8 where two-thirds of the nation of Israel was said to have to pass through the fire and one third would survive and be restored to their homeland!

    “And it must occur in all the land,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “[that] two parts in it are what will be cut off [and] expire; and as for the third [part], it will be left remaining in it. 9 And I shall certainly bring the third [part] through the fire; and I shall actually refine them as in the refining of silver, and examine them as in the examining of gold. It, for its part, will call upon my name, and I, for my part, will answer it. I will say, ‘It is my people,’ and it, in its turn, will say, ‘Jehovah is my God.’”

    Now we can interpret this in various ways, perhaps, but if this is about the "great tribulation" then it is specifically dated in the Bible. The great tribulation happens during a 7-year period after 62 weeks into the final 490 years. We know when the final 490 years is, ending in 1996 and thus beginning in 1506 around the time Martin Luther became a monk and subsequently started the Protestant Movement, which was the beginning of the rebuilding of the temple. At any rate, 62 weeks do not end until 434 years later. 1506 + 434 brings us to 1940. So that 7-year tribulation where 2/3rds of the Jews were to be exterminated, not just soilders mind you, but the entire population, must ocur between 1940-1947. Think about that. This is a Christian world in 1947, a modern world, and this prophecy requires the entire general population to be deminished by two thirds. What other population during wartime would this have happened to? Usually the tragedies of war are the soldiers, right? Well it happened! Six million out of nine million were killed during this period to fulfill this prophecy. There was no other time when this could have happened to fulfill the chronology, and this event didn't happen at any other time. To fulfill the prophecy it had to happen absolutely between 1940 and 1947. Then in 1947 the Jews had to be be restored to their homeland and the "gentile times" end. That is EXACTLY what happened, and there are no alternative dates for these events. These events are all linked to ancient events and when Jesus was baptized at the beginning of the 70th week.

    So I can understand if you don't know about chronology or understand it, one might think there is a lot of flexibility. But the more detailed you understand about Bible prophecy and chronology the more you know there is ZERO flexibility for these prophecies to line up. The only conclusion is that the Bible does have prophecies written thousands of years in advance that have now come true.

    One would have to be in denial at this point to ignore all the fulfilled prophecies...


  • JCanon
    I don't really buy this whole Chinese world dominence theory. I believe they will be a major player in the world market in the future but people seem to forget that just b/c china has more billionares doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of it's population is living in poverty. Also, they suffer from the worst environmental issues w/ water pollution loss of wildlife, famines, on and on. Not to mention rapidly aging population demographics due to high rates of female infant murders resulting in an increasingly warped male vs female ratio. And they are an export driven country that caters to Europe and the U.S. The U.S. has the largest middle class in the world. If the U.S. goes down then China goes down. There is not a country on the face of the planet that can replace America's spending power which China is hugely dependent on. Plus they've been trying to keep the value of their currency down but they are inevitably, w/ such rapid growth, now facing Inflation issues. Also they have been trying to control the infulx of new information via the internet but that is proving difficult. No Communist goverment has been able to last w/ out eventually being toppled by a democracy craving populace. China will find themselves going through government upheaval soon enough which will further temper their chances for world domination. They are going to big big on the scene but America will still be King for many years to come.

    Interesting, but you also must consider the ILLUMINATI FACTOR. The international debt is to the Illuminati bankers. They are also the ones that promote wars which cost TRILLIONS of dollars. So the Illuminati has trillions and trillions of dollars. They own lots of countries and now are about to own the U.S. I'm sure they have plans for how to conquer China as well. Everything is interconnected. But as you noted, the downfall of America is only the downfall of those who are not rich and don't have money. Those with money will have increased opportunity. Maybe fostering these wars and world terror is to make sure they have enough money to one day buy China as well. Makes sense. Plus it is EASY to do. It is easy to manipulate people into wars and conflicts. It was easy to embroil the US in the war in Iraq if they are seen as a threat and they attack the US on their soil. They know Americans are nice guys generally and very charitable but really are not that concerned with issues that don't involve their economy in other countries. They had to get the US involved. So the plane attack on the twin towers, the Pentagon and the white house (when the president was conveniently out of town, by the way) was just the thing to create a national focus. But the big picture simply reflects that without the USSR as an enemy to spend money against, they needed another enemy so funding terrorists was the next logical thing. Plus they know which bottons to push. If the US decides they don't want to support Iraq any more in the war and leave them to themselves, and the only way they will respond is if they see evidence of "crimes against humanity" and genocide, then all the Illuminati has to do is hire assasins to commit genocide. How hard is that? So MONEY can manipulate the world. In the context of what will soon happen with world religion. If you remove the religious loyalty factor out of the equasion then what reason do people have to fight each other? Especially if there is a one-world-government for all, managing the world economy? Clearly, we are moving to a globalism. But that is also what the Bible says will happen. The vast funds of the Illuminati will be confiscated and probably used to rescue the failing economies of the world. Who knows? What is pertinent is that this is REAL. These are REAL issues. The UN is already in place operating as the "eighth king" in the world. No. It's not hard for the CIA and the Illuminati to create catastrophes in the world the US feels "morally obligated" to respond to. That's the easy part. Just as long as they keep spending so the bankers can keep lending. JC


    It is now the issue how we interpret them . Since the Bible was completed God Yahweh doesn't give any inspired direct messages to anyone . Otherwise we would see the powerful miracles done by great servant of God today ! Not a single true servant of God Yahweh and Jesus Christ gets messages from God and such a servant gets only ideas from studying the Bible and can make mistakes and correct them and we can expect with the passing time the better understanding of the Bible will be available.

    You have to reach to those who are God's true servants for the understanding of the Bible prophecies as they are ligitimate interpretors of the Bible and be aware they are not infallable in what they teach. And they can correct their doctrines if convinced so.

    A good way of looking at the end-time prophecies is to look for those who seem to be best interpretors of the Bible .We look for those who have the best understanding of the Bible .You will not look for a mechanic to repair your car among the artists .The name used Bible Students is a very good indicator where to look for the true christian religion and the best interpretation of the Bible prophecies.

  • Malkiel


    Well, didn't the Book of Daniel prophecy this to begin with?

    In the last days there would be no 'one' world power because the UN would obtain authority from these nations to carry out its attack on Babylon the Great.

    The Anglo-American power would HAVE to give up influence and authority for this to happen.

    You stated that 'in 10 years' or so China would become the next world power. This won't happen because the Bible does not mention a world power existing after the UN.

    It should make you think then how close we are to the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

  • sir82

    It should make you think then how close we are to the beginning of the Great Tribulation.


    This old system can't last beyond 191419251940197519942000 ummm...until the time that the current crop of 40 year old anointed ones dies out!

  • slimboyfat

    Wasn't Bible prophecy disproved a long time ago? Matt 24 said the end of the system/world would come within a generation. That was nearly 2000 years ago. What more proof are we waiting for?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh great, now we have both of them commenting here. Where's my aluminum foil?

  • heathen

    No it's the dual world power of the US and UK or the 666 beast that is the last world power mentioned (according to the WTBTS dogma). personally I'm still waiting on the scarlet beast devouring the whore of babylon (catholic church)IMO . I just know this thing is going to happen . They are a terror organization and throughout history have murdered and stolen and hated , not hard to find that in the history books.

  • metatron

    "this won't happen"..... Really? What's the US rate of growth? Half a percent? Compared to 9% in China - which has a bigger population

    and more exports?

    It's already happening! The world is going to ignore all these "Great Tribulation" fantasies and change in ways that "Bible prophecy" has

    nothing to say about. Science will fulfill the "prophecies" about the "blind seeing and the lame walking" with stem cells and other


    Another fantasy? How 'bout the notion that the nations will turn on religion? Nonsense! They won't "turn" on religion because they

    will make it irrelevant with HUMAN progress - not empty Watchtower promises that never get delivered. They won't destroy religion, they

    will leave it behind in the dust.

    Far from asking "what will you do when the Great Tribulation comes", you need to consider "what will you do as the years and decades go

    by" - as they have for every person who believed the Watchtower's false expectations across almost 130 years - and the world goes on

    and on and on .


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